Nail of the Day: Bright Tips

by Heather | 3 Comments

Nails by Thi Phan

  • Joanne Jenkins

    I tend to like to wear my nail colour “straight up”, one colour at a time (probably my age showing!). But I do love to see the fabulous designs and color mixes you creative types come up with. Amazing! This particular nail actually has me thinking maybe I could spend a lazy day trying to replicate it on my nails. Thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas on facebook and the blog.

    • Joanne Jenkins

      Would someone be able to describe the steps I would take to try and duplicate these beautiful nail tips? I wouldn’t even know where to begin or what supplies I would need. Thanks.

    • Joanne, if I was to do this manicure I’d say start with the green color and just angle the brush to make each side of the V shape just over the tip of your nail where you’d have a french manicure.

      Then I’d use a skinny paint brush dipped in white polish or a white ‘striper’ polish that comes with a skinny brush to make the lines. And then for the fuchsia part, just do the same thing you did with the green to angle your brush and paint a V only do it down lower so the green and the white stripes still show.

      Make sure you let each color dry completely before doing the next step. Have fun!