Nail of the Day: Chinle Pattern

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Nails by Thuy

We were inspired by Refinery 29’s latest post: What Fashion’s “Ethnic” Prints Are Really Called. Did you know that this print isn’t just “tribal” but is actually called the Chinle Pattern?

Chinle Pattern Background: With wide bands of alternating shapes and stripes, the Navajo-designed Chinle pattern came to form in the ’20s. These rugs with long strips saw a surge in home decor popularity during the ’30s, and are coming back in a strong way on tons of fashion accessories and textiles, at present. Though the proliferation and general enthusiasm for Navajo aesthetics are awesome, says Jeff, “The most direct benefit [happens] when that appreciation translates to the purchase of original rugs, jewelry, and the artworks as this allows the Navajo tradition to continue.”

Do you have a favorite ethnic print?