Nail Shape 101

by Erica Stolman | 4 Comments

Are your nails properly shaped? Did you even know that there was a “proper” way to shape your nails? I sure didn’t! Every person naturally has different fingers and different nails, meaning that there actually are certain shapes to compliment such differences! Here is a break down of the 5 basic nail shapes as well as some tips to help you pick the right shape!

Nail Shapes

  • Millie Rojas

    I would only wear pointed nails for halloween depending on the costume.

  • I think mine are squoval!

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  • I love this article. right now I am sporting the pointed nails, but I’m noticing that in my college town where so many girls aren’t quite up to date are now starting to get the same nails. I hate that. Im looking to get a completely different shape tomorrow, just to try it out.