New For Mavens! Daily Deals on Our App

by Emma Thesenvitz | 55 Comments


There are secrets and then there are secrets (meaning the ones that are so juicy you can barely keep your lips zipped). Well, we’ve sat on one of those secrets long enough and now our lips are officially flapping.

Mavens, meet Secret Score. It’s a new feature on our iPhone app that brings you exclusive sets, unexpected treats, and all-time favorites at unbelievably great prices. We’re talking 60% off. 65% off. What was that? 70% off? No deal is off limits.

The best part: There’s a new Secret Score every day.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Every weekday morning at 9am PT a new Secret Score will be available on the Julep app (right now, iOS only).

Check it out and if you love it, it’s yours—with free shipping—in just two taps. But be sure to snag your score quick! Each deal will only last 24 hours…or until the goodies are all gone.

How to Get the Secret Score

First: You have to be a Maven to get in on this #mavenperk.

Second: You need to download our iOS app (or update to the new version if you have it already).

Third: Your default Maven billing information and shipping address need to be up-to-date and accurate. If they’re not, your Secret Score order will not be fulfilled. So go right now to your account and double-check your info. We’ll wait for you right here…

Good to go? Great.

Fourth: There is no fourth step. Mavens with the Julep app are ready to shop the Secret Score. So what are you waiting for?

Ladies, grab your phones!

  • Shelli Lorang

    So totally unfair to android users. It’s almost like, “hey, don’t tell anyone, but we like Maven’s who use iPhones better than Maven’s who don’t, so let’s play favorites & only give the iPhone users the really good deals & specials”. Not cool Julep, not cooltat all in mho 🙁

    • Lauren Vento

      While I’ve already canceled my maven subscription, I feel the need to let you know that the ios system is easier than android for releasing apps. The very well may have developed them at the same time but ios will release them first, no matter what.

      • Jenn Solberg

        Thats not exactly true. It is in the sense that ios is congruent to devices where Android is not and in the sense if you are accessing the app through tablets. Alot of it comes down to what you are familiar writing in. My guess is their developer doesn’t like or isn’t comfortable with JAVA. Either way, not trying to argue- I just dont want people to think that there is a real good reason for Julep not having an android app.

        • Lynn

          It’s not writing the app that’s the problem, it’s testing. With iOS, there is a very limited number of versions, but with Android there are many, many more options for end users. This testing takes a long time to get through.

          • Jenn Solberg

            Yes somewhat true. Developer friends says that it’s grossly exaggerated as to the difference. Not to argue, I’ve made the decision to cancel. I’m tired of the emails promoting the deals to one segment of their customer base and ignoring a large % of others Even if it were light years different, then give the android users a Web special that the apple users are getting in the app. There is really no excuse for the complete exclusion of those customers.

      • Ftloosenfanzfree

        Most companies release an ios app first and I totally understand the logistics of that.

        But beginning this “secret score” perk while half of the Mavens are not yet allowed access to it was a BIG mistake and is going to alienate a lot of customers. Most of use would like an app to use even without the deals, so we are already bummed about not having that available (though again, I totally understand why it isn’t yet) and then they kick us when we’re down by offering app-only exclusives.

  • Megan Rosini

    Completely unfair to any non apple users

  • Audrey Smith


  • Angela Moore

    Yes, I’d like to know how you’re planning on working out the same deals for your android loving mavens. I, personally, will not touch an Apple product. You should at least start putting out an app for the popular androids that are out. I know each one has p have a different version, but a good start wild be the highest sellers.

  • goldfish647

    I have an android phone, what about us? 🙁

  • Rebecca Comstock

    No, I’m NOT good to go. 🙁

    It’s not really new daily deals for mavens. It’s more like “new daily deals only for SOME mavens who bought this really expensive phone/tablet.”

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      Yeah, the headline needs some work for sure.

    • Jenn Solberg

      The Last straw for me if the emails continually printing it . Good for them I keep thinking… There are plenty of other companies that will take my money lol

  • Erika Elswick

    I understand that iPhone app is first, it’s easier to develop. But app only deals are unfair to those of us who can’t get the app right now. Either wait to do special promos until the app is available to all mavens, or find another way we can access them . And not through emails, please. Many of us never receive them.

  • Kate Goldberger

    Totally agree with the posts regarding androids… i work in IT and will NEVER be an apple user… DOWN WITH IOS! And its not giving me a warm fuzzy about Julep that you would release something that discriminates in this way…may have to rethink my purchasing…

  • Amy Stenman Williams

    Wow- how is this fair to those of us on Android? Only some Mavens get the deals? Really nice….(note my sarcasm here.)

  • Karen Lambert

    Ladies – for all the complaining the app doesn’t even work most of the time for us iphone users either, so you aren’t missing much.

    • misskitty_79

      Well, at least there’s that? :/

  • jward

    Not cool for those of us who are lol at mavens but have Android phones.

    • jward

      And that should say: “loyal”

      • jward

        Also didnt appreciate that my “free gift” for purchasing 3 add-ons last month was an iphone screen protector.

        • Tabbatha Capehart Higginbotham

          At least you got something. I purchased three add ons and my free gift was apparently air…..

          • Ftloosenfanzfree

            The free gift was supposed to be an eye primer. I’d reach out to them and let them know, they should still send you one!

        • Ftloosenfanzfree

          The free gift for taking 3 add-ons last month was an eye primer. The phone screen cleaner was just a bonus like the candy they usually include. If you didn’t get an eye primer in your box, you should reach out to them and have them send you one!

  • Melanie Jo Mosier

    I agree about the android users. At least let us know there is an app in the works and when it should be released. Or find a way to post this information in the app so those of us who don’t have I phones don’t find ourselves disappointed that we are not included in such awesome daily deals!

  • Cheryl

    I think this is a great idea! I am fortunate to have both android and Apple. The app works great for me on both phones! No problems! Understandably, I hope the update comes soon to android!

  • LaurieJ

    So people with cell phones other than iphone aren’t worth any thing to Julep, WOW. That’s f**ked up!! I would never own a iphone. People I know with them aren’t happy with them. I love my HTC Android!! You should not do this venture till you can include all of us Mavens! Totally SUCKs!!

  • Ashley Finnestad

    Android here too. I would say it’s too bad I’m missing out, but considering how much money I’ve spent with Julep they should be sad they’re missing out on my purchases!

  • Jenn Solberg

    Agree with everyone else- this is totally unfair! I always do the add ons and purchase from secret store- guess they just dont want me to buy more? Right now I feel like redeeming my points and canceling. I dont like the idea of a company that offers certain customers better deals based on what kind of PHONE they have. Come on Julep… Android occupies 70-85% of the smartphone market (depending on which article you read)… that is last time I checked a MAJORITY.

  • BunnyB

    I’m concerned, of course, that this is exclusively iphone when there are Mavens with Android phones (like myself), or Windows phones, or no smart phone at all (gasp!). While I understand maybe using this as a way to bump up exclusivity and encourage more to download the app, it’s very inconsiderate (and quite frankly, not too professional) to open this feature as a “Maven perk” when not all Mavens have access. I am on a budget, and I know others who are on an even tighter one, who opt out of having a smart phone and data plan in exchange for more expendable income for their hobbies/self-care stuff…like nail polish.
    Perhaps there is a compromise somewhere–such as access for ALL Mavens at the same time to the secret store online, but maybe have one set each month that can only be accessed through the app. Something like that? It wouldn’t be 100% fair, but at least you’d be giving access to those who are loyal customers regardless of cell phone preferences and financial ability to even own one.

    I do ask that whoever is in charge keep all of the above (customer loyalty, fairness, and consideration for those who can’t afford/choose not to afford a smartphone–who by the by are the customers who most love the deals you offer!) in mind over the next few weeks as they receive feedback about this.

    After all, don’t you want to take even more of my money? 😉

    • selene

      Thanks for this post. I don’t have a smart phone but I do have a kindle fire so Android apps work. Is there a way to have a link on this blog where Mavens could sign in and access the app online?

  • CatieBelle02

    It’s the wizard of oz collection for $15….not sure its worth it regardless considering most were delivered damaged during last months secret store fiasco!

  • Rachel Purifoy

    I think what I’d appreciate more, is some sort of acknowledgement that they are even attempting to include Android users in the so – called “#mavenperk”… Definitely reconsidering my membership, I pay monthly to receive the benefits of my subscription and this is just the cherry on top to cause me to cancel…

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      For the record, they definitely are not. I called in and asked if there was any way I could take advantage of the deal and they said no. I even asked to speak to a manager to confirm, and she was so condescending. She was like “I’m sorry I cannot personally get you an app for your android phone.” I explained repeatedly that I understood there was no android app, I just wanted a way to have the same offer extended to me. Very displeased with the customer service today.

  • Kelsey Taylor

    What about those of us that have androids? Doesn’t seem fair at all to me!

  • misskitty_79

    Oh look… Yet another “perk” that isn’t actually available to me. You’ve had an ios app for a while now, could you at least deign to tell us if/when you anticipate having an android one!?

  • Rachael Lenai Sheridan

    Please hurry with the Android and Windows Phone release so the rest of us can have fun too okay? I know you are working on it, but specials like this make me want it even more!

  • Amber Heck

    I have the app but it won’t let me sign in.

  • Katia Grinkov

    The deal is still Oz on mine. When will it start changing daily?

  • Lindsay Martin

    Yeah, I’m an active maven and the app won’t let me sign in. So awesome. Keeps telling me my password/email is incorrect.

  • Daphne Wynter Gray

    Wow this is my first negative issue with Julep. I have android and would love the daily deals but not with my phone. Oh well just saves me money!

  • Jessica Martin Krabbe

    I’m seeing a lot of comments from Android users. I share their frustration, however, I do not have a smart phone at all. I choose not to, I have 2 laptops in my home and a high enough phone bill already. I’m so sick of everything being an APP! There are so many coupons and discounts that are only available on apps, it’s ridiculous and so unfair. This is NOT COOL Julep, why don’t you have a “secret store” available on the savvy deals page everyday, that way customers can enjoy the deal without having a certain phone. I have ordered from Julep MANY times and would love to take advantage of some deals….but no smart phone for me, I guess no deals either..

  • Beth Wood Blanchard

    Nope, not good to go. I use Android and find this “secret score” only available to *some* LOYAL MAVENS to be one of the most horrible ideas ever. This is definitely one of the fastest ways to alienate a large population of your customers and make them question whether they really are appreciated as customers and come to the conclusion that they are not and quickly cancel their accounts.

  • Diana Roddy

    I have ios and this app but it currently is displaying a message that says, “The Maven window is now closed. 23 days until the next Maven Window”. It will not allow me to access anything but the blog. It clearly states above: “Every weekday morning at 9am PT a new Secret Score will be available on the Julep app (right now, iOS only).”. Not sure if something is wrong with the app or if they disabled on account of comments below, but something is def wrong with mine, so all you Android ppl aren’t missing much, Lol!

  • Jennifer Nash

    I admit, this is the first time I’ve been truly annoyed with Julep. It’s one thing to have the app come out for Apple first, we all know it’s easier to write apps for Apple products, but to deliberately offer specials to Apple-only users is a bad move, IMO. Personally, I’m not likely to take part in the daily specials often, but I would like the option. I understand the growing pains and such that have caused recent issues, and don’t mind waiting extra time for my boxes, but this is an entirely different thing.

  • Sara

    There are a ton of comments here about this perk only including iPhone users but as someone who prefers not to be part of the Facebook community, I am constantly left out of Facebook-only offers. These exclusions have nothing to do with issues with technology development- they’re purely marketing driven. By the same token, I wouldn’t expect Julep to hold off on their plans to grow their company when so few other companies have been able to quickly develop Android apps (an actual technical issue that isn’t meant to be vindictive). I expect that they are working on an Android version but even that will clearly leave out some customers, too.

    • Gypsy

      I can understand I have very little to do with facebook to much negativity from some and judgement. I had to finally break down and set up an account to be able to take care of things in life easier. I cringe when I open it up and there are very few people I communicate with on there.

  • TL

    I do not have an iPhone anymore, nor any Apple products bc they are rubbish. I do hope Julep brings out the app for Windows or even Andriod so I can use it in my tablet.

  • snikrepasil_nailstagram

    so, I know this is nothing new, but c’mon julep! all the money I’ve spent being a maven and you only roll out an app and discounts for iphone users? BS! I’ve been waiting patiently, but with you now KNOWINGLY excluding mavens simply because they don’t have the technology you are using is rude, obviously exclusive, & downright bad business. simple fix? email the secret store link to every maven, in addition to having the accesibilty via the app for iphone users. simple. until you do this, I will skip every single month. I’ll also be keeping my followers updated via my blog, etc. I have been a happy and loyal customer even when there are FIVE, not just three free polishes, out there offering similar pkgs that julep does…for cheaper…please stop excluding loyal customers!!!!

  • Gypsy

    when was the OZ collection on sale? my phone is still showing on the app a two color neutral set for $10.00. Believe me I so did not want an IPhone yet with my husbands hearing issues from his service in the military they had the best programs to work with his hearing aides that the VA has given him.So I crunched corners every where I could and still do just so my husband can hear a smoke detector when it goes off right above his head. I can totally understand the frustration I have always preferred android over apple yet it came to a point in our lives for my husband and mines safety we had to go with the high cost of apple whether we liked it or not.

  • Deb Reynolds

    Android app please

  • Sarah

    Do we only get to use the app if we purchase our box? I am no longer offered Daily Deals, just a reminder of when my next Maven window is.

  • Maggie Navarro

    I agree,,, not fair for android users… ;(

  • Christy Ramsdell

    So I’m not loyal to one operating system, I just happen to have an Android because it was pretty (yes, I just said that) and I was thinking that since so many people are upset about not having access to special deals, maybe Julep could release the daily codes for app users a few hours before “leaking” them in an email to Mavens? You still incentivize the application, but don’t ignore half your customer base? Just a suggestion. I’m personally never going to cancel my subscription, I am thoroughly hooked. But I would definitely spend more money with access to specials and deals. Seriously.

  • maidmarian4

    So, it has been 419 days since this posting about your iOS app release. Since you have had 1 year 1 month and 23 days to create an Android (or Windows) app, I’m disappointed to not find one in the Google Play store. Actually, maybe a bit mad – and I don’t get mad! I was thinking it would maybe be six months. But definitely not almost one year and two months!

    Come on Maven! Where is the love!? :-/