Meet The October Maven Collection

by Emily R | 34 Comments

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Glow in the Darks

October’s forecast is darkening with dashes of spellbinding shimmer. Our latest collection has curious finishes and colors mixed up for all-night adventures. Go forth.

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    Shailene (It Girl): bewitched purple with gold iridescence

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    Ledi (It Girl): black pearl shimmer

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    Brianna (Boho Glam): sailor blue crème

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    Dana (It Girl): white with electric blue sheen. Check it out under black light!

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    Margaritia (Bombshell): palace purple crème

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    Marla (Boho Glam): burgundy velvet with silver shimmer

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    Logan (Classic with a Twist): sultry aubergine shimmer

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    DeAnn (Classic with a Twist): ripe loganberry crème

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    Nancy (Bombshell): silvery sage metallic

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    Tia (Boho Glam): copper and gold glittered black jelly. Available as an add-on.

#BeautyTrend: Sleeping Mask

Enter the Sandman

Hydrate, plump, and refresh your skin with Night Shift Sleeping Mask, our brand-new reparative mask that goes to work when you turn out the lights. Night Shift melts powerful peptides with botanical extracts (including our Power Cell Complex™) to produce more collagen, lock in moisture, and stimulate cell turnover, giving a whole new meaning to sleep it off. Go forth.


Kissing potion

Cast a kissing spell with two new additions to our much-adored Julep Lip Gloss lineup. Splendid enchants with a sheer heirloom rose shimmer. Polished, a sheer cameo pink, adds luscious shine and a feather-light boost to your natural lip color. Go forth.

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    Splendid: sheer heirloom rose shimmer

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    Polished: sheer cameo pink

Fascinating Finishes


October is boiling over with see-them-to-believe-them polish finishes. Browse the gallery below for nail looks made with moonlight in mind. Go forth.

  • Tia

    Tia is a pitch-perfect top coat in copper and gold glittered black jelly. Available as an add-on.
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  • Dana

    Double trouble Dana is coy in the daylight & dazzling in black light.

  • Casper

    Playful, glow-in-the-dark Casper is your little secret until the lights go out. Available as an add-on.

  • Cleopatra

    Latex-matte black Cleopatra adds that just-right edge to any get-up. Available as an add-on.

  • Marla

    Vampy, velvety, burgundy Marla shimmers with micro silver

Tricks & Treats

This month only we've made two special boxes with Halloween revelry in mind. Go forth.

  • Mommy’s Little Monster

    Pint-sized manicures sweet enough to eat.
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  • Dark Arts

    The most mischievous mani at the funhouse.

Maven Luxe

Kiss Kiss. Night Night.

Treat lips to two new colors of our much-loved Julep Lip Gloss. Trick hands into looking younger with Night Night Overnight Repair for Hands—the potent pairing of Luxe Repair Skin Serum (great for your décolletage, too!) and Luxe Care Hand Crème. Go forth.





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  • Stacy Pulley

    Can’t say I’m particularly excited – several cremes to which I’m sure I have dupes.

    And whatever happened to being able to add-on some of last month’s polish? That was one of the best features and I miss it.

    • Gail Carroll

      It looks like to me since they have our order history they could look and see if we are duplicating and replace with something different. The same new arrivals have been on there for three months. Too much work for them even though the price is more than opi.

  • Jenners

    Is there a place where we can swap polishes (unused, still in box) if they’re colors we don’t particularly care for?

    • Tstani

      The Julep Swap group on Facebook

      • SoCal Indi

        Ugh don’t tell anyone! We have enough complainers in there! All the new gals just bitch and moan. So sick of it!

        • Susan Forest-Rode

          Why would they complain at a swap site? That’s ridiculous.

      • Erin Todd

        That’s good to know. I have a couple colors I got in mystery boxes I’m not really in to. Maybe I can find someone who will enjoy them. 🙂

      • DEbeachgirl

        That’s a cool idea.

  • GeekieBeth

    I tried Julep after seeing it on GMA- I’m a connoisseur of sorts when it
    comes to anything beauty related. From department store to top of the
    line. When I signed up and received my first box- I wasn’t overwhelmed
    with joy. The polish was thick- like it was old.

    The lip gloss
    burned my lips. I thought ok- I’ll give it one more try- not only was
    the second box worse- but they failed to ship the add-ons I ordered in
    addition to my regular “box.” I ended up with 3, thick consistency
    bottles of polish for $25.

    To cancel, I have to call- and let’s
    just say the wait time is ridiculous. No joke, I am currently wearing
    polish that I picked up at the dollar store because I liked the color-
    and hey- it was only a $1- so far- it’s lasted 5 days, no chipping, not thick and an off brand.

    Julep can work out the kinks and actually offer products worth paying
    $25 a month for-and let’s face it- more of a variety- save your money.

    • Gail Carroll

      The nail polish is thick. I think this is so it want last more than a couple of polishes. They need to offer thinner. I am not seeing it stays on very well even with top coat. Poshe’ is better and dries polish no need for drying drops


    Absolutely loved the Oxygen Nail Treatment that i received in my first Julep box, but I’m very hesitant to purchase another box with full size facial cremes and moisturizers without having more detailed information about what skin type they are for, or perhaps a smaller foil-pack sample to try out. JULEP – send us small samples of your facial products otherwise I’m not sure I want to purchase skin care products from a nail polish brand. Just my two cents.

  • Allison

    I promised myself I’d never complain on a julep post, even after major ship delays, but I’m about to break my promise… I’m increasingly frustrated month after month to find the majority of anything remotely exciting out of stock almost immediately. I pay $5 more a month (2 bottles of CG or OPI or a Zoya stunner with a cosmetology licence) to possibly be able to swap to make my box desirable. But when more than half the polishes are gone, I certainly don’t feel like I’m getting my $25 worth.

    And then this month it got bad enough to throw in the towel. I was so excited to see the two special boxes. One even had three colors I actually wanted! Plus a topcoat. And decals! Unfortunately, it didn’t save my selection and when I noticed I never got the confirmation email and went investigating, they were out of stock. Never mind the fact that those boxes came loaded with more product – it’s just too frustrating to find things constantly unavailable as a subscriber. If I wanted to experience light stock, a ticking clock and disappointment I would still shop indie restocks. Is it too much to ask to have enough product for your subscribers? At least enough stock to get halfway through the selection window?

    • Leanne Flynn

      I hear you, and I also love Julep!

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      I’m with you. I wanted the Dark Arts box just because of the black polishes. I had ordered Brandt in a previous promotion and never got it because they ran out. But when I clicked to order it said that Cleopatra was out. All the polishes are so similar to ones I already own that I will probably opt out this month. I loved the decals but not worth buying a box just for that. I went on line early in the morning of the 20th (like 2 am) and there was nothing. Then again around noon and the box was unavailable. I just don’t understand how this happens month after month. They still don’t have August colors available. Fortunately, I got most of the ones I wanted from that batch. The other box program you belong to is only for cosmetologists? It sounds good. Love Zoya.

      • Allison

        Sorry for not being clearer – I just meant that with the $5 they added to the price of the box I could go to the beauty supply store and pick up a couple (fullsize) “mainstream” polishes. I love my huge Julep stash, don’t get me wrong, but the frustration is quickly overshadowing it.

    • IA…it’s really frustrating that two special boxes were sold out so quick. And than the rest of the boxes are pretty subpar.

    • Anthony Vargas

      hey, I just saw one of the special boxes back in stock. If you hurry, maybe you can get it.

      • Allison

        No such luck. 😐

        • Anthony Vargas


  • Angela Hutchins

    SO upset wanted to add Casper to my box but am seeing it is out of stock. I just got the email revealing the new nail colors for Halloween.

    • I know it’s frustrating, I checked back periodically and happened to get it (since most people change their minds during the window)..hope u can get it

    • Carolyn

      Casper is available now (9/22, 10 AM PDT)

      Just keep checking back. It’s frustrating, sure, but I’ve had numerous polishes that were out of stock, I checked a few times per day during the window, and always, they eventually became available with other people switching around.

      • Molly Dunlop

        And it’s gone again. Incredibly frustrating.

      • Angela Hutchins

        missed it again

  • Really excited about Cleopatra. That polish looks super sexy!

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      Yeah, it’s gone now. As of yesterday at noon. Really frustrating. I hope you already ordered it.

  • mel

    I skipped this month because I had originally thought I would but then I saw the colors and was on the fence. Then I saw the zig zag decals and I was sold so when I went to my account only to find out that they are sold out of every variant. I passed.

    JULEP- I really wish you would offer those zig zag things year round, in multi packs etc. I originally got them in a zig zag mystery box and lost them after my first use. I have searched high and low to find a replacement but nothing. Its a shame you sold out.

    • Allison

      I sent you a message on Facebook – it said it’s in your “other” folder but you should go look for it. 🙂

  • Teresa S

    I’m not seeing Cleopatra as an option to add-on . . . Am I missing something?

  • Nicole

    Is there any way I could possibly get the Mommy’s Little Monster box after the fact?

    …Or even just the super cute black cat decals?

  • DEbeachgirl

    I NEVER have gotten an email letting me know when to check out the new boxes and now am stuck w whatever they send which if it’s that yellow polish I’m going to be upset. Do you all get a notification when they are available? I just see a charge to my card. Pretty ticked.

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      The maven window always opens on the 20th of every month. I do get email notifications, but usually by the time I get it I’ve already gone in and selected what I want anyway.

      • DEbeachgirl

        I talked to them on the phone this week and they corrected the issue. Their customer service has been good. I also was pleasantly surprised to get a different box then what I thought was coming. The lip gloss I got smells so good. I’ll just have to write a reminder in my calendar.

  • lora

    Oh my goodness, I just typed an entire long post and it didn’t take. To the person that wants the MOMMY”s LITTLE MONSTER BOX, I got the 2 Nail colours as my ADD on colours and I dislike them, so if you want to buy or swap, please contact me at my email (or anyone else that’s interested, please write in Subj. line – re: Julep – so I don’t delete) and perhaps this can work out for us!!
    Furthermore To JULEP CUSTOMER SERVICE I AM UNEMPLOYED FOR OVER A YEAR….. and belong to the subscription. I too am put out with not being able to order the items I love…..and having to spend my money on second or third loves. Furthermore, how can they send you colours you HATE for your add on’s. C’mon….send me yellow if I consistently buy purples (and shades related to) or greens, blues, grays, blacks…..I mean I might be willing to experiment a bit…..but think a BIT out of the box…..not a total shocker yellow or orangey/bronze shimmer!! Furthermore, this wasn’t the first time, it has happened each time I’ve ordered enough to qualify for add ons……..gotten colour’s that were horrendous!! I honestly didn’t know what to do with them!
    I certainly hope Julep can take a bit more time to think about us, THE CUSTOMER, the most important part of their business, might like. …..and furthermore make us happy by making sure we have better stock to choose from in the future.
    I by no means wish to be negative, but am rather trying to give your newer company constructive critisicm. Thanks for listening in advance