Oscar 2013: Fashion Hits & Misses

by Erica Stolman | 3 Comments

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Oh how we here at Julep love awards season!! Sure the movies and the ceremonies are a good time, and of course we love to watch them, but what really gets us going about this time of year are the gown choices.

The second the red carpet show began, we were glued to our television sets carefully inspecting each and every gown, hairstyle, manicure, lip color, piece of jewelry, clutch, etc. etc.

With that said, this year (in regards to fashion) was one for the books. The actresses really brought their A game in the fashion department. Here are the looks we thought killed it, as well as a few that could’ve used some help.

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If you think we missed anyone, on either list, feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.  

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  • Leela Raven

    Most definitely the best dressed were the statuesque Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior and the Fabulous Barbra Streisand in Donna Karan.

    By far the misses of the night were Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.
    Everyone else was fitting and accordingly.

  • Wendy

    I’m really confused as to why some of the dresses, such as Helen Hunt and Catherine Zeta Jones’ are on the miss list. Those dresses are gorgeous and they fit the age and style of the actress. The same with Helena Bonham Carter’s dress. It would not look good on anyone else but it completely fits her. If you know anything about the actress you know this is just her style. I also don’t see why some people like Adele are in the best dressed list. I don’t think the dress she wore looks good. It a) looks like all the other dresses she wears and b) I think the length looked terrible on her and does not complement her shape. Her performance dress was so much better.

    • Erica

      Thanks for sharing 🙂 We don’t like to refer to our choices as “best” and “worst” because everyone looked beautiful, yet rather “hits” and “misses”. Some people hit the nail on the head, while others (although still looking beautiful) could have done a bit more for their total look.

      We liked that Helen Hunt wore H&M and was going eco friendly with her gown choice, but the dress appeared to be very wrinkled… which didn’t work for us personally. Catherine Zeta Jones’ looked beautiful, as always, but we felt the dress looked a bit like a pageant dress. As far as Helena Bonham Carter, we totally embrace her kooky fashion style- the dress just wasn’t our cup of tea. Maybe if the under part was black instead of white we would have been more of a fan.

      As far as the hits go, we did consider the fact Adele doesn’t ever mix things up, but we put her on that list because she knows what she likes and she always looks stunning. We also thought that her performance dress was beautiful!