Oscars Time! Tips on to How to Get Red-Carpet Ready

by Natasha Lekwa | 0 comments

Ahhh, awards season. Although some of the celebrities make it look so effortless as if they rolled out of bed onto the red-carpet #iwokeuplikethis – in reality, days of preparation go into the stars’ look before they unveil it for the Academy Awards.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Here’s a guide to help you get red-carpet ready for your Oscars party this weekend, even if it’s just to roll out your own bathmat and take a #selfie.

  • Sleep! The kind of bags that aren’t chic on the red carpet? Under eye bags. Get enough sleep the week before, especially the last few days before the event. Adequate zzzs allow the body to rejuvenate and repair, and help restore serotonin (happy hormones). Stay away from anything with a screen about an hour before bed to encourage restful sleep.
  • Hair – If you can, splurge on a blow-out the day of the event. With blow-out bars popping up all over the place, having Hollywood hair is now a little more within reach. We love Drybar. If there’s no room in your budget, allow a little extra time in your schedule to spend on your hair. Also – before you head out the door, as a finishing touch run a dryer sheet over your mane for static and frizz-free tresses.
  • Makeup – Your beauty look for this special night should be a tad heavier than regular day-wear makeup. Use this as an opportunity to stretch outside your comfort zone and try the bold lip that’s been hiding in the bottom of your makeup bag.
  • Teeth – Celebs may use elaborate dental technology to whiten their teeth, but we’re fans of the drugstore route. Hydrogen peroxide is a much more affordable alternative to make those pearly whites shine bright like a diamond. Our friends at HelloGiggles give great instructions on how to rinse with diluted hydrogen peroxide, check it out here. If your teeth are hyper sensitive, throw on a layer of blue-based lipstick instead to make your teeth appear whiter.
  • Nails – Our favorite detail is crucial on polishing off your overall look. Match or complement your outfit with your color of choice for your nail polish, and don’t forget to check for chips! Day-of: top with your fave top coat for a shiny gloss (we love our Freedom Top Coat).
  • Tummy – Although we don’t support crazy fad diets, confidence (the best accessory!) comes easier when you’re feeling your best. One way to avoid feeling bloated the day of an event is to cut out ABC’s two days prior–alcohol, bread, processed carbohydrates– and minimize sugar intake, at least until you get to the party.
  • Hydrate – Water. Live it, love it, drink it.
  • Relax – Even if it’s for one moment of ommm in the car in the garage before you leave for your Oscar party. Take a deep breath in silence and get ready for a night of glitz, glamour, and fun!

Be sure to tune in to this year’s 86th annual Academy Awards, this Sunday March 2nd, 2014.

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