The Oxygen Family Grows by Two!

by Emily Resling | 1 Comment
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In June, we’re introducing two outstanding additions to our polish-loving lineup for healthy, beautiful nails. Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and Oxygen Performance Top Coat are finally here!


From Cool Idea to Superstar Ingredient: A Quick History of Oxygen Technology 

In 2013 we released Oxygen Nail Treatment, a sheer pink “nail makeup” powered by patented Oxygen Technology which allows 30% more oxygen to reach the nail bed, promoting stronger, smoother, healthier nails.

Oxygen Nail Treatment was an instant hit. You love it, beauty editors love it, Julep Parlor guests love it, and frankly we can’t get enough of it (you can hardly walk past a desk here at Julep HQ without spying the pale pink bottle).

But Oxygen Nail Treatment is best worn alone, so our next step was to reformulate our nail colors to include Oxygen Technology as well. Done and done! Julep Color Treat boasts the same healthy breathability as Oxygen Nail Treatment, making your nails beautiful and healthy at the same time.

A base coat and top coat are the next logical steps in Oxygen Technology’s evolution from a cool idea to a superstar ingredient. And they’re here at last! With the addition of these two Oxygen-powered products, we now have a base coat/nail color/top coat layering system of DREAMS. Big, fresh air dreams full of strong, healthy nails, and fast-drying, long-lasting manicures. Le sigh.

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

This base coat is an instant office favorite! It eliminates the appearance of any tiny imperfections you might have on your nails (splitting, peeling, ridges) creating a perfectly smooth canvas for color. But, with its milky white sheer matte tint, there are a lot of ladies around the office who are rocking the base coat on its own.


SO PRETTY. Since when are base coats pretty enough to wear alone? (Answer: since now. June 2014.)

Oxygen Performance Top Coat


The silver bottle is a nod to a key durability component of this high-performance top coat: platinum. There’s also a little bit of nutrient-rich caviar extract in the bottle which keeps nails hydrated for optimum health, and helps your manicure with flexibility.
Please note — it really does have extract of caviar (it’s not just a fancy ingredient name) so unlike the rest of our nail lineup, this top coat is not vegan. 

Oxygen Performance Top Coat dries fast, shines big, and delivers serious staying power.

We are over the moon about this one.

Mavens, say hello to stronger, thicker, conditioned nails and the nail polishing system that dreams are made of. Literally.


Let us know what you think! We always love to hear from you.

  • Angel

    So excited to see mani/pedi items as the “product” this month! Been wanting to try a milky base coat so now I’ll just have to pick my style profile :)

  • Sarahsitas

    I literally *just* ordered the Oxygen Nail Treatment and the Freedom Polymer Top Coat. They have not shipped yet. Wondering if I should cancel if this? Is there a difference between the Freedom Polymer Top Coat and the Oxygen Performance Top Coat — will they both shine the same, gel-type shine?

    • Emily

      Great question! Freedom & Oxygen Performance are pretty different, IMO. For me, I use Freedom when I’ve polished my nails at 4pm on Friday and need to get out the door to happy hour. Freedom has a super high gloss shine, and it dries soooo fast. I think of it as “party time top coat”. Performance is also shiny and dries fast, but for me it’s the wear-it-all-week top coat counterpart to Freedom’s “luscious nails all night”. In short (although I’m a little late for that), Freedom is the instant payoff top coat, Oxygen Performance is more of a long-term investment in your mani. Hope that helps!

      • Kathleen568

        That’s a great question. I LOVE the Freedom top coat and won’t use anything else — unless the new Oxygen top coat gives me the same awesome shine and anti-chip protection.

        • Sarahsitas

          So excited for the Freedom top coat — really looking forward to that gel-type shine. Can’t wait to get it and try it out! :)

      • Sarahsitas

        Thanks so much for clarifying, Emily! Immensely helpful.

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        Could you use both? The Oxygen Performance to seal the deal and then the Freedom to add shine?

        • Emily at Julep

          Ehhhh…. I feel like you might run into a drying problem if you layer the top coats. Also, Oxygen Performance is no slouch in the shine department — she’s got a real gleam on her. But if you end up trying it anyway, please let us know how it turns out!

      • Cheryl

        Can’t wait to try this new topcoat! I’ve had trouble with the Freedom topcoat…it peels off of my nail (nail polish and all) in one sheet. Is there any way to prevent this?

  • mirthful

    The Oxygen Nail Treatment is the greatest invention in nail care since the emory board. Generally speaking, I don’t have very pretty hands or nails. But one coat of it on my ratty nails and they look gorgeous, healthy, and perfect. It’s like a miracle in a bottle for nails.

  • gachimayaa

    I’m excited about these two products! I am skeptical about the top coat, however. I got the freedom polymer top coat many moons ago and was not happy w/ it. it’s way too thick, and it seems my bottle only came half full! I hope this new oxygen performance top coat is better. I’m willing to give it a shot. in the meantime, does anyone know how adding polish thinner to the freedom polymer top coat will make it better/worse?

    • Liz Doonan

      I’ve added thinner to my Freedom when it starts getting thick and it’s always been fine :) It brings it back to the normal consistency and works just as well as a brand new bottle!

    • Andrea Agarwal

      Yep, I added polish thinner to my Freedom after it became a bit too gooey and it was so much easier to work with! No prob!

  • Glenda Wilson Driver

    Can’t wait to try these two!! I love the polish and the freedom top coat.

  • Natasha Erickson

    Excited :)

  • Kathleen568

    I’m thrilled to hear about this!!! I love the oxygen nail therapy, but I don’t like the fact that I can’t wear polish over it. This is going to be fantastic!!! Same great oxygen therapy with the ability to have color. YAY!!!

  • Karen Lee Copen

    If these are anything like the Oxygen Nail Treatment then no thank you. The Oxygen Nail Treatment adhered to the nail so deeply on many people that it caused our nails to peel and layers to lift. It took a very long time to grow out the damage done to my nails from the Oxygen Nail Treatment. I’m not the only one who had that terrible experience with it. It’s a shame because the Oxygen Nail Treatment was very pretty.

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      So that’s what is going on with my nails. I wondered why they were flaking so badly. I only used the treatment for a few days before removing and then applying polish. When I would take off my polish I would apply the treatment until I had time to do my nails. Interesting.

      • Eva Rinaldi

        This. I literally cut half my pinky nail off shaving two weeks ago. That’s the only thing I can think of that I did differently recently.
        The quest for a home nail color that doesn’t chip for more than 12 hours continues.

    • Becky Van Dyke

      OMG My nails did the same! I have only used it three times over a few months and the exact same thing happened. Peeling of my very thick strong nails. I wonder what would cause this. Have not had a problem with any other product.

    • Thyra Leslie

      I was wondering if this is what happened to my nails. They won’t grow anymore, just peel and break. I also wash my hands and do dishes more, and I’ve started using cuticle remover (I may try a different brand and see if that helps as well).

      If it’s this treatment, I guess it doens’t take much as I don’t use this treatment all that often, but I guess it was enough perhaps?

      Now I’m wondering about the new polish formulation. I always use a basecoat, so will that help?

      Too bad if this is the problem, the treatment made my nails look so pretty and I liked the look of this basecoat bare.

  • Ftloosenfanzfree

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement since a picture started floating around with someone using them (but not mentioning them, so low-key!) I do love the look of that base-coat. I can definitely see myself wearing it alone one day and then adding color the next. :)

    • Julep

      Can’t wait to hear what you think! So excited for June Maven launching tomorrow, customization + our new app!

      • Cassandra Webster

        Will the new app be available in Google Play or for iPhone only?

        • Emily at Julep

          It’s just iPhone for now, but we’re working on releasing to other platforms in the future!

  • Carolyn

    This might be a silly question, but will the oxygen products still work if only some of your nail polish is oxygen? I’m thinking I have the other Julep base coat which I really like, so if I only bought the new Oxygen top coat, will it still be effective with non-oxygen base and color polish? And/or, which is the best one to get as Oxygen if you could only pick one – base or top?

    • Elaine Susan Vail

      Great question. I’d like to know these answers, too.

  • Janel O’Farrell

    My June Maven box totally disappeared from my order(s) list, I don’t understand? Are they close to going out in the mail then?

  • D-Rake

    I saw in the discussion that their top coat got a little thick and they added thinner. Did any one’s a Julep Nail Therapy base coat get thick and goopy? If so, did you add thinner? Where do you buy this thinner? I’ve only been with Julep about 8 months and so, my polish is not old. I’ve never had a polish turn that thick in only 6 months…I’ve had polish for years and they never got thick. I love my freedom polymer top coat, it to is starting to get thick. Does all of the polishes turn thick and gelatinous; in less than a year? I hope the new top and base coat does not have the same issue with it getting thick before you can use it all. (My bottle is still half full,)