Rihanna: New Nails for 2014? We’re Guessing She’ll Swap Her Stiletto Shape for Almond

by Natasha Lekwa | 0 comments

While Miley Cyrus is instagramming pics of her pedi, let’s talk about manis for a second. The new shape of 2014 – Almond Nails. The bold trend among celebrities in 2013 of long and sharp “stiletto nails,” or “dagger nails” – loved by Rihanna, Katy Perry & Lady Gaga – will quickly be replaced by a less severe look, a shorter, rounder, softer approach. Although almond nails are the less edgy stepsister of stiletto nails, we’re a little relieved that we’ll be snagging our tights less frequently this year.

The Stiletto/Dagger nails of the past:

Lana Del Rey’s spiky tips

In for 2014 – Almond Nails:

Selena Gomez Almond Nails

Photo: Getty

Selena Gomez rocking a softer nail shape – Almond Nails

Lady Gaga Almond Nails

Photo: Style Bistro – Getty

Although Lady Gaga loves stilettos, she’s shown here with more rounded, almond nail shape

Beyonce Almond Nails

Photo: Style Bistro – Getty

Beyonce’s nails are tiptoeing the stiletto/almond line here… oh, we can’t help but adore Queen B.