DIY Mani Tutorial: Life is a (Nail) Bed of Roses

by Maria McNamara | 36 Comments

Spring has sprung, and now it’s time for your mani to bloom. Here’s what you’ll need to create these fabulous floral nails…

TOOLS: Plié Wanddotting tool & striping brush
COLORSDenver (It Girl), Raegan (Bombshell)Martha (Classic with a Twist)Lizanne (It Girl), plus base coat & top coat


Once you’ve applied your base coat, add two coats of Denver to your ring and middle fingers and two coats of Raegan to the rest. Give your nails some time to dry before moving on to the next step.


Pour a few drops of Raegan onto a piece of foil or paper plate and use the Plié dotting tool to create some asymmetrical spots. Let ’em dry.


Pour out a few drops of Martha and use the Plié striping brush to define your rose petals.


Clean your striping brush with nail polish remover, dip it in a few dots of Lizanne, and create some leaves.

FloralNails_Tutorial_Blog_Hero_FeaturedImage (1)

Finish with top coat. Once your Mother Nature-approved manicure is dry, head outside to celebrate spring!

  • Kristen Redmond

    I have been wanting to try this design – I’ll have to give it a go now that I have my Plie tools!

    • Yes please Kris, we love your designs 🙂 Guest post?!

      • Kristen Redmond

        That would be an amazing honor!! <3

        • We would love that! Will send you an email 🙂

          • Kristen Redmond


          • Kristen Redmond

            So excited! 😀

  • Jessica Shuler

    More tutorials with these tools, please!!! This was so great and inspiring!!

  • stashon smith

    This is great thank you

  • Candice

    Ooh, seems so doable shown like this, and so difficult and elaborate when we look at the finished product

  • Autumn

    Do ones for people with really short nails!

    • Great suggestion Autumn, we will work on that! Any specific designs you want to see?

      • Krizia Endermann

        Do cutesy designs like strawberries, animals, etc.

  • jae

    Omg it looks compicated but when you se how to do .. its simple.. I lobe it thanks for sharing

    • You would be shocked how easy it is! Give it a try and post a picture, we want to see!

  • Jamie Kelley

    I love this:)

  • Holly Marie Walker

    YAY! I’d love to see more content like this from Julep, please!

  • Barb Covert Jewelry Designs

    Yay. Thank you soooo much. Please keep posting more DIY designs for our nails. Gonna try this one.

  • Anna Howard

    Awesome! Please post more tutorials for plie wand. I love my plie wand!!!

    • What other types of tutorials would you like to see?!

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        Something with geometric designs like a half one color, half another color on an angle, like a triangle shape. I can never get those right. How to do dots so they look like dots and not blobs. I have short nails with small fingers so I don’t have much room for an elaborate design. Thanks.

      • Anna Howard

        A big flower for your big toe.

    • Anna Howard

      A big flower for your big toe or ring finger.

  • Tess

    I just finished doing this manicure!

  • ShyGaladriel

    YES! Can you start doing videos?

  • leebee

    i did a version of this and it came out AWESOME! so easy. thanks for the amazing tutorial! :]

    • nail lover and ring lover 2000


      -nail and ring lover 2000

  • Deb Reynolds

    I did this design and I love it. I used Raegan, Kam, Emerald City, and Brigitte.

  • Callie Auman

    Ah! I love this so much! I used Laree, Bunny, and Kam. Looking forward to more tutorials like this! I love things that aren’t too complicated to do, and don’t look too busy. Gotten tons of compliments on it. And a random psychological plus, taking my time with my nails has definitely improved my patience! 🙂 🙂 Thanks Julep!

  • Roxanne

    I have Long nails but they are narrow can you show designs for people like me as I just ordered my design tools and am SO Excited to get them and use! Thank You P.S. Can you show how to make the heart as I’ve tried the dots before but didn’t look like heart. Thanks,Your The Best!

  • Andrea Sutton Habicht

    I did this without the Plié tool or the right colors, doesn’t look half as good as it should! I will be ordering the pile creativity kit and these colors! LOVE this design.

  • Nichole Richard

    I did these tonight! My nail panting skills are bad so they look wrecked but the roses turned out pretty decent, I think! I used Reagan, Kam, Clara and Roc Solid for the leaves. Thanks for the pretty and easy tutorial!

    • Guest

      the photo

    • nail lover and ring lover 2000


      -nail and ring lover 2000

  • Katia Grinkov

    Some of the colors are out if stick will they return? What colors are good subs?

  • Natalie

    ooO!! i love this!! thank you!!!!

  • E. S. R

    Very cute!!!