Setting Trends One Box at a Time

by Kate Stern | 13 Comments

Hey trendsetters- what do you think is in the most customized box so far?

The results are in from Day 1 … Since the Maven window opened yesterday morning, you guys have been customizing up a storm!

The most customizable box is a this show-stopping trio of Bergen (Classic with a Twist), Colette (Bombshell), and Smoothing Base Coat—Classic with a Twist with just the right amount of Bombshell!


You guys are setting trends by pairing our hazy blue-grey shimmer, Bergen (Classic with a Twist) with our poetic violet shimmer, Colette (Bombshell) for a dynamic duo that’s absolutely stunning!




Who chose this box combination? Share what you’re putting in your customizable box this month in the comments below.

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Interesting. Not what I would pick, I LOVE the copper color in the Boho Glam. I opted for all of the colors and then added the new top coat and base coat because I didn’t want the treatment as I already have it & am not sure I like it. Wish we could get more add-ons, though. At least 5 or maybe even 6. I wanted so many things this time.

    • Miranda Cheyenne Althouse

      just wait for the secret store. The polishes go for $4.99.

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Could someone please show me how the Maven LUXE works? Do you still get a box + extra products or is everything self selected? I was thinking I might want to do that since this month I’ve already spent over $80. The Maven Luxe is a real deal if one could completely customize it so that if you only wanted polish that month you could do that, or if you only wanted product you could do that. I just want to see how the box comes if you sign up for it and don’t choose to change anything. Thanks. BTW, love everything this month. Go figure. Some months it’s just so hard to pick the box that one has to get everything. lol. But then again I’m a purple kind of gal and I love metallic nail color. The copper is to die for.

  • Kimberly

    JULEP- I have a question about Sera. It looks soft grey-purple on my screen. Is it really that color or is it a silver color and my screen is making it look different? Thanks!

    • I would say it’s all of the above. Sera is a silver-y greyish/purple. And so chrome-tastic! Highly recommend. Hope this helps.

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        Why does it call it a blue-grey then?

        • Hmm. Where do you see blue-grey for Sera? Our official color description is “celestial fog iridescent chrome.”

      • Kimberly

        Thanks Emily!

  • My customizable box includes Natalia, Phia, and Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. I’m a sucker for metallic and chrome finishes. Chose shimmers last month, time to try something different.

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Just want to know if I use Jules for my Add-ons will I still GET Jules for my box? I upgraded this month to all the colors, then added the top and bottom coat, the maven luxe and a polish. I don’t have enough for my box but I have enough for two of my add-ons.

  • Lilly

    My box is Natalia, Harlow, and the roll-on cuticle oil. My add-ons are Phia, Saaya, and the Plie Wand creativity kit. I’m pretty excited 😀