Shhh…Your Nail Color is Talking

by Emily R | 20 Comments

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” -Pablo Picasso

Let your nails do the talking...

We’ve learned a thing or two about women and their nail polish colors thanks to the 150,000+ (and counting) manis and pedis we’ve given in our nail parlors. It’s “arm chair psychology” at its un-scientific best. There are SO many colors to choose from (hooray!). So today, we’re keeping it simple and weighing in on the rainbow….and black (we couldn’t resist).

Red. The nail color version of the power tie. Ladies wearing red are feeling strong and inciting action. It’s the original sexy nail color, so we give an extra wink and nod to those in the mood for red. We love Jackie for a popping red, and the Reception Red duo for classic options.

Orange. A bright, vibrant color whose popularity rises in the summer (bright sun, Nina) and fall (changing leaves, Ingrid). Ladies opting for orange are feeling enthusiastic and daring.

Yellow. Yellow is for an energetic, youthful mood. It’s unexpected and unpredictable in a fun way. Wearing yellow on your nails is fresh and joyful. Plus it looks *amazing* with jeans. Feeling dandy, lion? Hear Lexie roar. Want pure sunshine? Shed some light with Abbie.

Green. A world of choices from lime to grass (Fiona to Payton), army to emerald (Laura and Angelina). We see ladies going green when they’re feeling earthy and in-touch, with a dash of spunk.

P.S. Army green is incredibly versatile. Just so you know.

Blue. Ladies who won’t be dragged down by the doldrums of winter often want blue sky on their tips and toes during the cold months, like Claire. Navy blue is an emotional category all its own, letting onlookers know you’re edgy, sophisticated, and an authority in your field. Millie gets your point across flawlessly.

Purple. Creative types love the push-and-pull energy of purple’s base colors: calming blue and energetic red. Lavender (like Renee) is for embracing our ultra feminine side and manages to be subtly flirty. Eden is a strong pick for the lady who is feeling fierce and funky. Gabrielle has an air of royalty about it. The lady in brooding dark purple doesn’t follow trends, she starts them.

Black. Black nails are a year-round accessory for expressing our inner wild child. Rebellious, non-conforming, mysterious, and unrestrained. Brandt is a round-the-clock black, or glam up your dark side with Patti’s sparkle.

As complex beings, there’s probably not one color any one of us would commit to wear every day for the rest of our lives. We have different moods, let’s ROCK them. So, have a little FUN with your polish colors⎯and remember to let us see your work! At Julep, we’re your biggest fans.

Got a question or fave polish/mood combo to share? Let us know in the comments!

  • Anne

    You forgot pink! Dark, raspberry pink is for sex kittens like me

    • Emily

      Too many colors, not enough blog room. =) We stuck to the traditional colors of the rainbow for this post. Dark raspberry pink is definitely sexy… Meow!

  • Ciarrai Bleu

    What? No metallics? No glittering gold? No shimmering Silver? Buttery bronze?
    I snap my gum in your general direction!

  • Dalia Hettfield

    Love the Article so much. Especially, because I Love Red and Black on my nails.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Blessings For All!!!
    Much LOVE and Light, Peace

  • Bobbi Snow

    What about the French nails – natural with the white tips? I always have my toes and finger nails finished this way.

    • Emily

      Timeless beauty! The french tips will *never* go out of style.

  • nancy

    is there a place for the French manicure?

  • Mistie

    How about the pearly,almost sheer nail polish – love it.

  • HJ

    I don’t use the stuff, but I am a man and somewhat of a hand freak. I love long sexy fingers and overall soft hands with long fingernails and red polish. It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul but hands and nails express a woman’s innermost desires,and are just plain sexy! I love getting my back scratched!

    • Morticia

      It’s nice to see a man reply and leave his opinion. Thank you HJ. I wish more men would leave their opinion about nail polish and makeup. You like your back scrached huh? Be careful what you wish for. Depending on how hard you like it, if you like gentle, I would stay away from the women with the black nail polish, we are brutal and can also be gentle.

  • Karen

    I mostly leave my finger nails bare or a nude barley there color because of my job. I work with a lot of architectural plans that my color ends up marking the drawings and coming off my nails. Now my toes, I go for Reds and various shades of red….. although no one sees them!

  • Annie

    My 2 favorite colors are blue and purple I typically wear blue or a turquoise/teal on my toes specifically, especially in the winter, and the brighter the blue the better but right now I actually have purple with a glitter top coat, and before that they were a pale opalescent purple with the tips painted fuschia. And my fingers since fall just came are a metallic coral (that kinda has a little golden look to it) with some deep pinkish red gradient stamped on and then I stamped black stars on top. I think my nail style says “I WANT TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION LOOK AT ME!” because I mix colors and I always go to extremes with my nails lol. And I hate to wear them just painted always gotta have some kind of special design to them! I love it when people compliment me on my nails.

    • Emily

      Love your style, Annie!

  • TrippedMetalDetector

    Black is first here, grays are second, blues are third, purples are for when I’m feeling girly. Any can be holo, duochrome or metallic. Add in glitter bombs and stamping. And there are NO light, pale colors that I own. None. At all. And I have 2 full Helmers, working on my third one.

  • Sherrye

    What about bronzes? I find myself picking up any ‘new’ shade I see..

  • Micki

    I am older, but in the prime of my career and still living life. I used to wear all of the red/pink/brownish/metallic colors, but now feel I need something more sophisticated and classy. I choose a French with wide white and barely-there iridescent sheer pink. So, the colors you mention are great, but for a sophisticated look that is appropriate anywhere any time, the French will always look great. Sometimes, it isn’t all about being 20-something. Black would look ridiculous on me.

    • Emily

      Agree on the timeless sophistication of French. Respectfully disagree on the black. If it doesn’t suit your personal style, that’s one thing. But… there are no age limits on the color wheel! 🙂