Studs & Spikes for Everyone!

by Erica Stolman | 0 comments

studs and spikes fashion

So you want to show off your rough and tough side a little, but don’t want to scare people away with jewelry and clothes that can second as a deadly weapon? I completely understand where you are coming from. Everywhere I turn lately all I see is studs & spikes galore, and it is a trend is 100% adorable, yet it is also one that can easily go amiss if done incorrectly.

Here some tips & tricks on how to wear studs without looking like a gothic teenager, but rather a fabulous fashionista!

how to wear studs and spikes

  • – First, unless you have mastered the art of wearing studs and spikes, try pairing it with pastel or bright colors. Pairing it with black and darker shades could easily go from great to goth in one foul swoop.
  • – Start small! Instead of wearing huge tree spikes, try for something a bit less obvious. Sometimes less really is more, so opt for a small pyramid stud or even a dainty grommet. Work your way up!
  • – Shoes & studs are the perfect pair, but in moderation only. Some shoes are covered in huge spikes, and that obviously could be a bit intense. I would prefer a fun, studded ballet flat with smaller studs, or a shoe that has spikes solely on the heel.
  • – When wearing studs on your clothes, let them be a fun accent with a plain garment. A studded cross or studded words is a little too much for me, personally. A shoulder cut out sweater with strategically placed studs (as seen above) is an adorable look without being too flashy.
  • – Denim + studs = fabulous! My personal favorite stud combo is when they are thrown on a denim vest, jacket, or shorts. Think about pairing some studded denim shorts with a plain white tank and a simple pair of sandals. It is an easy look to wear, with the perfect amount of flare.
  • – Accessories are the easiest, and quite possibly the best, way to wear spikes. A simple pair of spike earrings, a fun & trendy spikey necklace, a leather studded cuff bracelet, a studded tote, or even a pyramid stud iPhone case are all beyond cute & are a fun addition to any outfit.

So, now that you have some tips for wearing studs & spikes, you are ready to subtly, yet fashionably, rock n’ roll!

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