9 Stars Rocking This Summer’s Rainbow Hair Trend

by Meghan Carlson | 1 Comment
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Summer is always a great time to experiment with your look, and technicolor dye jobs are the newest way that the stars are choosing to express themselves. True, bright and bold hair colors are nothing new (just ask Cyndi Lauper), but this year, it seems like we can’t go a full week without glimpsing another starlet who’s dyed her hair a shocking shade of pink, purple, blue, or green.

So if you’re looking to add a fun pop to your summer style, just take inspiration from the stars and express yourself through extreme hair color! Take it from these ladies’ locks—no shade is off limits.

Pale Pink: Kesha

kesha-lightpinkhairThe singer, who is a seasoned veteran of the bright hair dye scene, has been rocking these pale pink locks lately. We love the contrast of her flowing, feminine pink waves against that vintage rocker tee.

Bright Pink: Rumer Willis


The daughter of Bruce and Demi posted this pic of her vibrant pink dye job a few weeks ago, saying, “Jem ain’t got nothin on me #pinkhairdontcare.” When she appeared as a judge at the Miss USA competition last week, the color had faded to sweet pinkish-coral hue.

Yellow & Green: Hayley Williams


Another star whose has her strands dyed every color of the rainbow, in May the Paramore front woman took a break from her now-iconic bright orange locks to try out bold streaks of neon yellow and green. You like?

Purple: Demi Lovato


Proof that bright dye jobs may actually be addictive, Demi Lovato can’t stop experimenting with her strands, but we hope she’ll stick with this latest purple and pink mix for at least a little while—because it’s fun and fierce.

Rainbow: Raven Symoné


The former Disney star turned college student described her new color as “washy purp and grey” when she debuted her new ‘do on Instagram last week, adding, “New hair for a new life!” Maybe it’s the lighting, but in this photo, her locks look like a multicolored rainbow to us. Either way, props on being creative with your cut and color—that’s so Raven.

Blue-Green: Kylie Jenner


The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan went for an ombré effect with her bright blue-green hair, adding a fun contrast to her otherwise jet-black locks. But nothing lasts forever, especially dye, so it’s no surprise that Kylie’s “back to black” … for now.

Bright Blue: Nicole Richie


For one brief, shining day this weekend, Nicole swapped her now iconic lilac hair for a bright blue top knot. Was the new, limited time look supposed to be temporary, or did she just have the world’s quickest change of heart? Either way, she’s back to lilac now–and still looking lovely as ever.

Pink & Purple: Lily Allen


A big fan of bold nail art, bright eyeshadow, and off-the-wall accessories, the British singer also loves to experiment with different colored strands. Her latest look combines corn rows and bright pink and purple bangs (or, as the Brits would say, “fringe”).

 Slime Green: Katy Perry


Never afraid to adventure into uncharted territory with her outfits or hair, Katy Perry recently debuted this “slime green” shade—apparently the name of the color wasn’t enough to scare her off! “I’ve wanted to go slime green for a long time. It’s spring time and I think it’s time to freshen up my look,” she told E! about the change. “I’m really excited about slime green, but I hope my hair doesn’t fall out.”

Which of these rainbow celebrity hair colors do you like the most? Are you planning to go brighter and bolder with your own locks this summer?

  • Kristen Redmond

    I actually really like Kesha’s pink hair!