8 Mani-Pedi Color Pairings to Try This Summer

by Meghan Carlson | 18 Comments

We love summer for so many reasons—not least among them the fact that it’s the season of sandals, bright fashion choices, and (of course) pedicures!

Long gone are the days when it was considered a faux pas to show off two different nail polish colors on your fingertips and toes. On the contrary, open-toed shoes just give you another opportunity to accessorize your look with a pedicure that fits the season and complements your manicure.

We picked 16 of our favorite summer nail polish shades and paired them up into eight coordinating looks that are so right now, from sweet and subtle to outrageous and adventurous. Which summer mani-pedi pairing is calling your name?

Raspberry & Powder Pink


Looking for a mani-pedi that’s the perfect blend of fun and feminine? Combine a rich raspberry color pop like Maddy (Classic with a Twist) with a barely-there powder pink like Jules (It Girl) for a spot-on seasonal look that can go from the office to the beach to a summer wedding.

Electric Purple & Baby Blue


Like a dreamy summer sunset, this duo is all about showing personality while keeping things in balance. Electric neon purple Bette (Bombshell) demands attention, while airy periwinkle Margaret (It Girl) smooths out the edges.

Seafoam Green & Gold


Whether you’re going somewhere tropical or just fantasizing about it, a cheerful seafoam green like Denver (It Girl) paired with a chic, shimmering rose gold metallic like Zelda (Bombshell) will give off those modern mermaid vibes you’re after.

Red & Hot Pink


Just ask any kid on the last day of school: summer is all about freedom. Pair a brighter than bright red like Myriam (Classic with a Twist) and a vivid hot pink like Avery (Classic with a Twist) for a bold color clash that proves you’re never too old to play by your own rules.

Yellow & Peachy Pink


Make your mani-pedi as deliciously refreshing as a piña colada. With your fingertips and toes showcasing a cheery lemon chiffon shade like Lilou (Bombshell) along with a retro-sweet peachy pink like Natalie (Classic with a Twist), every hour will feel like happy hour.

Apricot and Cobalt


Sand and surf—what more can you ask for on a hot summer day? With its golden shimmer finish, an apricot shade like Saaya (Bombshell) will bring you into a beachy state of mind, especially when you coordinate with a rich and vivid cobalt like Bailey (It Girl).

Jungle Green and Lavender


On your way to a music festival this season? A bright, metallic jungle green like Phoebe (Boho Glam) paired with a more demure but still eye-catching pastel shade like Elisa (Boho Glam), our soft wisteria shimmer, will help you nail the quirky, mix-and-match festival fashion look.

Coral and Baby Blue


Wherever you’re going and however hot it gets there, a juicy guava coral color like Harriet (Boho Glam) plus a clear-blue-sky shade like Jeanne (Boho Glam) will keep you looking cool while you lounge by the pool … or fan yourself next to the A/C unit.

Which of these nail color pairings will you be rocking this summer? Do you have a go-to summer mani-pedi look that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Absolutely Phoebe and Elisa. That’s no surprise to me. I love it.

    • Susan Forest-Rode


  • D-Rake

    The new colors are Fabulous. I wished the web-site had a place for us to mark are favorites and colors we have bought. I have bought some of the same color and some of my favorites have been retired and I would have loved to buy several bottles before it retired. The way it is now, the polishes are broken up into different lists. To search for one particular polish, it takes the user awhile to find the polish they are looking to re-purchase or to confirm they already have that color. Just a suggestion…I have talked to others who feel the same. That way when I buy these new colors and try them…I can order with out fearing I’ve already bought the color and I can re-order easily.

    • Karen Lee Copen

      Absolutely, yes. Julep, could you please comment on this? We’ve been asking for a personal color index for years! Make it part of the blog in order to get more participation in the blog. Please Julep? It wouldn’t be difficult to make it happen!

      • Hey Karen! The good news is that we are working on a digital color caddy! You will be able to add all of the colors in your collection and mark your favorites. Should be available in the next few months 🙂

        • Shelli Lorang

          Can’t wait for the digital color caddy! Great job Julep! So glad you actually listen to what your customers want 🙂

          • That is our favorite thing to do! You guys have some awesome ideas!

          • Karaine

            So is the color caddy thing in action already? ☺️

        • Drake

          Thank you, Julep. That makes me happy. 😉

        • Sera Hall

          will this include retired and limited edition items that we cant access if we type the color name in?

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      You can always put your favorites on your wish list. Although, that doesn’t help you to know which ones you already have. You could also create your own list as a spreadsheet or in a notebook. I keep a list of all the maven boxes I order for each month. It would be nice though to have the computer do it for us. The problem is also if you don’t remember the name of the polish then you have to scroll through all of them to find the one you want. Sometimes there are so many that look similar. I’ve ordered just about every yellow except Blake (which looked a lot like Bea or Lilou, which are very similar to each other) as I am searching for my perfect yellow. If you type in the color you are looking for in SEARCH all the ones of that color will come up in a group. That might help. However, not all the colors are listed, retired or not. Today as I was ordering my BFFevent pairs I saw Teri, which I don’t remember seeing before. It seemed similar to Harriet so I tried to search for it to compare the two and read reviews but alas Teri was nowhere to be found. (Neither was Lena). I’m hoping that the description of it is accurate as the picture of the bottle was really small.

  • Christine Severance

    Will o be able to try tje new one teal green

  • Jo Dover

    Which is the mani and which is the pedi?

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi Jo! There’s no wrong way to go. You get to choose!

    • Nicole

      Mani is nails, pedi is toes.

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        I think she means which color goes on toes and which goes on fingers. lol I thought the same thing but then I thought you could mix it up, use the colors together to create designs, etc.

      • Jo Dover

        Yeah, I’ve heard of that before. I wasn’t specific in asking which color was for which? Thanks tho’

  • Kathy Minard

    I love all the new colors and it is hard picking favorites. I guess coral and baby blue or jungle green and lavender are the ones that I would pick first.