Sweet Treat for your Nails by Joya

by Erica Stolman | 2 Comments

Check out this sweet treat for your nails. Best of all? These cupcakes are 100% calorie-free. So, go ahead–indulge yourself!

Step 1: Protect your nails by first applying a base coat. Then, paint about half your nail with a sweet pink like Mandy. Don’t stress about neatness!

Step 2: With a bright red like Glenn, use a thin paint brush to paint vertical lines over Mandy. Also add a horizontal line to the tip of your nail to create the bottom of your cupcake.

Step 3: Using a dotting tool (you can also substitute a toothpick, ballpoint pen, or the back end of a make-up brush), create light pink frosting on your cupcake. Since I’m keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, I’ve used Carrie for the frosting.

Step 4: Just like with real cupcakes, after the frosting comes the sprinkles! My sprinkles are in Brigitte, Mandy, and Blake, but you can use whatever colors you prefer. Place one drop of each sprinkle color on a napkin or a piece of scrap paper. Then, using a toothpick or needle, dot on your sprinkles. Take your time!

Step 5: Next, I used Glennand a tiny paint brush to add a tiny little heart on top of the cupcake. If you don’t have the patience for this, grab your dotting tool, and add a cherry on top instead! You can also add a rhinestone on top as well, the options are endless!

Step 6: Once your cupcake is totally dry, seal in your design with a top coat.

And that’s it! You can paint cupcakes on the rest of your fingers as well, or you can keep only one cupcake to accent an ordinary manicure, or you can be adventurous and add different designs to your other nails like I did:

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  • stella

    i luv them ,, sweet , i would do my nails like that…

  • this is so sweet. Perfect style for cupcake lovers like me!