Oscar Red Carpet Predictions

Oscar Makeup Predictions

Oscar Prep O.K ladies unlike any other awards show the Oscars for me are the most tangible. Maybe it’s just me but, I can easily fantasize myself in almost any of the dresses walking down the carpet. The swagger, smiles, glow and the perfect hair coiffing 🙂 My forecast for the Oscars… COLORS and the […]

Countdown: How To Get Red Carpet Ready

4 Weeks Guess what ladies and gents it’s workout time! (trained professionals hired) Eat almost no salt and if you are really trying to shed some pounds drink juiced smoothies for ALL meals plus great vitamins and LOTS of water! You also need to recheck your appointments, hair, facial, nails and fittings. Have your shoes […]

Matching Nails & Lips is BACK!

Matching Nails & Lips

Matching your nails to your lips is BACK! I have been waiting for years for this return 🙂 You see- I just kept doing it since the 80’s hoping that one day it would be “IN” again and Ta DA! The best part is that since the 80’s colors have evolved and products has gotten better/more health […]

How to Rock Bright Lipstick

Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 11.29.12 AM

It’s obvious everyone is wearing ridiculously bright colors on their lips right now – the real mystery is how to rock that bright pink lipstick without looking like Betty White. Have no fear, Natasha is here. You don’t have to be a fashion blogger or model to wear flaming reds & popping purple! I’ve got […]

The 5 MUST Have Items in Your Makeup Bag

Whether you need to freshen up for a quick business meeting or take your look to the next level for happy hour or a dinner date, here are the 5 must have items that should be in your makeup bag at all times.

The Cat Eye

The Cat Eye

Flashback to the 50’s, the Cat Eye has re-entered the world of modern high fashion- this time, with even more attitude and flare. The Cat Eye can give you the upmost stylish look for a variety of occasions. From business meetings to cocktail evenings, the cat eye can be tuned and tweaked for just the […]

Changing Weather, Adapting Winter Makeup

Winter Make-Up

The sunny, humid, and warm days of summer have gone- and they’ve taken our beautiful natural summer glow with them. With the harsh, dry, and less humid winter season now in full force, it’s time to make a few much needed adjustments to our makeup routine. Photo (left to right): Brushes by Karen, Bunny and […]

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