Lips & Tips: Part 2

Lips & Tips: Part 2

In our second installment of Lips & Tips, we’re featuring three lovely ladies from the Julep HQ who are modeling their favorite ways to pair polish and lips from the December Collection. With a little holiday sparkle and a lot of bold color, these dashing duos prove that mixing it up WORKS. Jaydra rocks the […]

Julep Plié Wand: Our Best Idea Yet!

Jane Plie Wand Video

The Julep Plié Wand is a whole new (and better) way to polish your nails. Hi everyone, I’m so excited to share the most innovative new product we’ll launch this year – the Julep Plié Wand. When you talk, we listen…and one thing we hear all the time is “I’m so bad at polishing my […]

DIY White Manicure

White Nails

White has a pretty vanilla reputation. Which isn’t surprising—we’re talking about the color of Persian kittens, fresh snow, and 2% milk. And yet! Bright white manis are popping up all over, and they’re strangely, awesomely edgy.

DIY Floral Nails

Floral Inspired Nails

There’s nothing prettier than flowers, so why not create a floral look especially for our nails? With this cute and simple D.I.Y, you’ll be too busy admiring your hands to notice the real flowers blooming around you!

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