From Tip to Toe

From Tip to Toe

With summer just around the corner and sandals sales starting to grace the stores, it’s time to shake up your pedicure and manicure colors with some fun and unique combinations. Go beyond the matching colors you’ve been polishing in the past and have some fun getting bright and bold! These combos can work either way depending […]

Get the Look: Two-Tone Lips

Get the Look: Two-Tone Lips

You’ve upped your nail game with coordinating colors for two-tone tips, but don’t stop there! The latest lip trend is all about color–and plenty of it. Go beyond lip contouring and ombre for this super fun lip look that beauty editors are loving. Two-tone lips can add drama and dimension, whether you want to go big […]

#TBT Longchamp

Longchamp Featured

We can hardly wait for Thursdays to roll around, seeing as we can’t get enough of Throwback Thursday posts. This week, we take a look at classic French brand Longchamp and highlight some of our favorite advertising campaigns from the company over past years.

How to Style an Oxford Shirt

Oxford Featured

Think oxford shirts are to be worn only by the gentlemen in your life? Not anymore! Learn how to style an oxford shirt (almost anything goes) and don’t be afraid to raid his closet.

#TBT: Sperry Top-Sider

TBT Sperry Featured

Odds are, you own a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. Even more likely, those shoes have never been worn sailing. We take a look at the brand’s iconic advertising campaigns from past years in this week’s Throwback Thursday, and find relief knowing that the boating shoes aren’t made solely for boating.

#TBT: Lacoste

TBT Lacoste

Lacoste’s famous tennis polos were first produced in 1933 with the founding of the company in France. Since then, the company’s crocodile logo has become a well-known signifier of the iconic brand.

French Open Style

French Open Featured

Whether you enjoy watching the French Open for the fashions or the tough matches, steal some cues from these trend-setting celebrities to create your own French Open-inspired wardrobe!

Fragrance: Which One is Right For You?

Fragrance Featured

Fragrance is the ultimate accessory in completing your style. It expresses so much about who you are without a single word or item of clothing. Make sure that your chosen scent is one that is representative of your own unique and wonderful beauty, and wear it proudly!

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