#TBT Longchamp

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The French are known for their enduring fashions and classic sense of style, and the Longchamp brand is no exception. The company was founded in Paris in 1948, originally labeled Jean Cassegrain et Compagnie after its founder, but was changed to Longchamp as another company ran under the name of Cassegrain. Originally, the Longchamp brand catered to a specific demographic, creating leather goods for smokers. Eventually, the Longchamp brand extended its focus to include travelers, producing leather and nylon fabric luggage. 1978 was the first year in which items specifically made for smokers were excluded from the Longchamp catalogue, and the company continues to create luxury goods for both men and women in classic, original styles (Longchamp Le Pliage tote, we’re thinking of you), while evoking a sense of modern chic.

1. Doll-faced model Lily Cole stars in Longchamp’s 2005 campaign.

Lily Cole2

2. Kate Moss solidifies Longchamp as an iconic brand in the company’s 2008 campaign. With an air of Parisian chicness and sensuality, Moss is the face of the brand for several consecutive seasons.

2008 Longchamp

3. In the same year, Moss stars in another advertising campaign, this time sporting a blonde wig and looking like an ethereal beauty.

Kate Moss 2008 Lonchamp

4. In 2009, not even bright red lips can steal the spotlight from snakeskin-printed totes.

Longchamp 09

5. Advertisements from the company’s 2010 Winter season are glamorous and intriguing.

Longchamp winter 2010

6. Beautiful lines lead straight to the focus of the Longchamp 2012’s focus: equally beautiful bags.

Lonchamp 2012- artistic, ballet-esque

7. Another advertisement from 2012’s Fall Campaign sparks Photoshop-mishap mistake. Feisty model Coco Rocha clears it up and confirms that fellow model Emily Didonato’s legs were not accidentally removed; they were merely out of sight at the angle of the photograph.

8. Longchamp’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign reminds us of the brand’s roots in creating luxury goods for only the most stylish of travelers.

Established in the 1948’s, Longchamp has maintained it status as fashionable luxury good producer. We may not always look as well dressed as supermodel Coco Rocha while checking departure times at the airport, but at least we can be assured that our own Longchamp Le Pliage tote lends a little sense of everlasting style.

What are some of your favorite Lonchamp campaigns from the past? We would love to hear about them in the comments section below!