The Fashionable Chef

by Erica Stolman | 0 comments

Why wouldn’t you want to have a fully functional, and fashionable kitchen? Everywhere I turn, I see a new item or gadget that would improve the “cute-factor” of my favorite room in the house, and it got me inspired to write this very post. If you love to cook, and you love fashion, here are a few items to spice up your kitchen. Not to mention, any of these items would make great gifts for the chef or baker in your life!! 

the kitschy kitchen

  1. Easy as Pi Pizza Cutter found here
  2. The Lady’s Apron found here.
  3. Marimekko Raanu Apron found here.
  4. Pop-Print Measuring Spoons found here.
  5. Yin-Yang Dip Dish found here.
  6. Turtle Fruit Slicer found here.
  7. Owl Kitchen Timers found here.