It’s Here! The Customizable Maven Box of Your Dreams

by Maria McNamara | 198 Comments

We’re SO excited to finally share this big, big news.

Starting with your June Maven Box, you’ll have the option to switch into one of our new customizable subscription tiers. With My Maven and Maven Luxe, you can personalize your box as much (or as little) as you like. So you’ll always get exactly what you want.

You asked for this, so we’re making it happen—because we want you to fall head-over-heels in love with every single Maven Box.

Not interested in customization? That’s ok! Nothing about your current subscription will change unless you want it to.

My Maven

We’ll continue to curate five monthly Style Profile boxes, each with over $40 worth of polish and product. When you log in during the Monthly Maven Reveal, you’ll see your default Style Profile box. Browse through all the boxes to find a good starting point.

(No need to adjust your screen…we’re using a black & white version of our May collection to model these exciting new features. You’ll see June in full color, of course.)Customizable_Maven_Box_1

Now for the fun part: Let’s say you love one Classic with a Twist color but not the other. Click or tap ‘swap out’ to remove it from your box and reveal all your other options.


Click or tap on an image to bring up the color description. Click or tap again to view swatches.blog_PDP_ModalAssess your options. Pick your favorite. Click or tap ‘swap in’ and voila! It’s in your box.


Don’t want the monthly product? Swap it for an existing one, or add another color to your box. Each time you swap something in or out, the list below will automatically update to show all the options available to you. Once you’ve created the perfect box, choose your add-ons and save. Easy!

If you want to switch your current Maven subscription to My Maven, you’ve got two options.

Month-by-month subscription $24.99/month
3-month prepaid subscription (best deal!) $19.99/month

Maven Luxe

Do you find yourself adding on extra products or tools every month? Switch to Maven Luxe and get over $60 worth of beauty innovations and bestsellers in every box. This tier is also 100% customizable, so you’ll still have the option to choose colors from the monthly collection.

Month-by-month subscription $39.99/month
3-month prepaid subscription (best deal!) $34.99/month

Want It?

To make the switch, simply log into your account during the June Maven Reveal (May 20th-24th), click the green CUSTOMIZATION IS HERE banner on the ‘Edit My Box’ page, and choose your subscription tier.


Q: Do I have to switch to one of the new subscription tiers?
A: No, switching to My Maven or Maven Luxe is completely optional. Nothing about your current subscription will change unless you want it to.

Q: If I switch to My Maven or Maven Luxe next month, does that become my default subscription tier?
A: Yes, you’ll continue to enjoy a completely customizable box each month.

Q: If I switch to My Maven or Mave Luxe, will my skip privileges change?
A: Nope, not at all.

Q: If I prepay for a three-month subscription, does that mean I can’t skip during those three months?
A: When you prepay for a three-month subscription, you’re really prepaying for your next three Maven Boxes. If you have the option to skip during those three months, you absolutely can! The credit will stay in your account until you use it, and you won’t be charged again until it’s gone. Please note that prepaid subscriptions do auto-renew, so once you’re out of credit, your card will be billed for your next three Maven Boxes.

Q: After I switch to My Maven or Maven Luxe, do I have to customize each month?
A: Nope! You’re welcome to customize each box, but you definitely don’t have to. If you don’t log in and make changes to your box during the Monthly Maven Reveal (20th-24th of each month), you’ll receive your default box. (Please note: the price of each monthly box depends on your subscription tier, whether or not you choose to customize your box in any given month.)

Q: Can I switch back and forth between My Maven and Maven Luxe?
A: Yes—after you make the initial switch to My Maven or Maven Luxe, just call or email our or Maven Experience Team if you decide you’d like to switch to the other customizable tier.

Q: Are upgrades customizable?
A: Upgrades cannot be customized at this time.

Q: What if I still have questions?
A: Our Maven Experience Team is here to help! Just email or call 877-651-3292.

Tell Your Friends

Starting May 1, all new Mavens will enjoy a completely customizable box. Mavens who sign up before then will start off with a non-customizable subscription, with the opportunity to switch to a customizable tier during their first Monthly Maven Reveal.

  • Val Proulx

    This is amazing news Julep! Thank you so much for listening!

    • We can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Debbie DiBona

    So glad you are doing this. I’ve skipped on so many monthly boxes because I did not like one of the colors. This month I’m getting my 4 bottle of almost white color. So do not need that many.

    • Now you’ll be able to get exactly what you want! 🙂

      • Erin Turley

        I love everything about the new subscription services EXCEPT Julep………why won’t you answer what amount of products we will get in the Luxe box? That’s the only “shady” thing I see going on here.
        If you aren’t sure and haven’t worked this out…..please just tell us this.

  • Genny Andrews

    Yay! I’ve had the exact same problem. I seem to get very similar colors every month, even when I switch styles. I have very fair skin, so white or off white looks horrible on me. I’m really looking forward to being able to customize.

    • We’re glad to hear that, Genny!

  • Jessica Shuler

    This is so exciting!!! Julep is the BEST monthly beauty box I’ve tried. SO glad I joined!!!

    • We’re so glad to have you!

  • Michelle Espino

    yay!! cant wait

    • We’re pretty excited too!

  • Caroline Turner

    I am so thrilled with this change! I suggested this with the last survey you did and I couldn’t be happier about it! Thanks for listening. This is really exciting! What are the differences between the amount of products in the my maven vs. the maven luxe? If you decide to go with the maven luxe for 3months prepaid and after 3 months you don’t want that many products can you downgrade your subscription to the my maven from the luxe? That part is a little confusing. But still exciting none the less! I have one more suggestion: come out with a Julep Maven App! What are you waiting for? I would love to have quick access to your blog and web site via my iPad and Android smartphone. Nail art tutorials, color swatches, inspiration, you name it!!!!! That’s the only thing you are missing. Your products are amazing. I love my Julep!!!!! (Can’t you tell)

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      You cannot downgrade once you switch. You get the same amount of product as before but you can switch polish colors if you don’t like one or products if you prefer one over the other. Add ons will still cost extra as always.

    • You will be able to change between our two new tiers by reaching out to our Maven Experience Team via phone or email. And, we have great news! We are launching our App next month 🙂 We can’t wait for you to check it out.

  • Marylynn Côté

    So all new mavens have to pay the increased price and get customization? What if you are a new maven and want the lower price without customization? What if I’m a current maven and cancel my subscription for a while then come back?

    • New mavens have the first box free… They won’t pay anything.

    • nora

      yes I will like to know that too what if I cancel and come back later?
      my guess is we pay more?

    • mimi

      no no no no no.
      I would love to customize, I do NOT love to pay $5 to do it.
      I will be canceling.

  • Lexie

    I like the option to customize, rarely do I like both preselected colors. But this is going to cost me more money in the long run. Right now I pay $20 per month to month and can skip a month. But if I want to stay month to month, the price goes up! If I want to stay at $20 per month, I have to prepay for my subscription 3 months at a time. $60 up front is a bit much. Also, if I do not love any the colors I do not want to be stuck with them because it was a prepaid 3 months.

    • Rebecca

      I feel the same way. Love the new set up that will take place but why make us pay more? The lux box is a cool idea but not cool if only 1 box out of 3 is the only one I will end up liking … there should be better way … why are you asking to be paid up front for? What is wrong month to month?

      • Jessica

        i agree with Both of the above…I was really excited when i saw that this was going to happen but i can hardly afford what i have now and i have a lot of colors that i don’t need/want…but im not going to spend MORE money to customize it….why cant we choose our colors on a month to month sub?

        • Lola

          We’ll all just end up cancelling then, I already get so much I don’t want, and I don’t think they realize a monthly nail polish delivery service in this economy is a luxury not something we all want to now pay MORE for.

          • kim gesumaria

            I have to also agree…. the membership should not go up or be paid in advance…. you can do that to new members but the ones that have been with you for a while should not be stuck with this hike in the cost of the monthly packages.

          • Lola

            I was treated rudely in a customer service email when I was unable to use their 800 number to cancel. Coincidentally it wouldn’t work, hmmmm. Still canceling. She said they had no plans on changing any pricing and basically told me flat out that it was a way to get people to pay ahead of time when I asked why paying 3 months meant no extra payment was needed for the extra services. I am willing to post our entire exchanges, along with my real name and email address for all to see and let them confirm or deny whether or not it’s legit. I can take screenshots and they can deny it all they want.

          • tiannafonz

            Some people – like me – prefer to pay in advance instead of a monthly charge. I have no problem choosing to pay 3 months in advance as it’s better for me than month-to-month. I think it’s a great new process.

          • Michelle Goshorn

            wow…where do you people live? Have you hear of cosco? this is america (i say with sarcasm)…& when you buy in bulk you save… AND when you commit your dollars to a business for future product…typically you are rewarded. i don’t understand the wining over saving money to commit your $ to future product. ?have you renewed your subscription to cosmo? cuz that was 12 issues you paid for …IN ADVANCE. call the better business bureau! ever been to cosco? geeze ladies. get a hanky! plus, you can skip a month if you want.

      • ✪✪✪┳ㅌ८८ᏬᏊᏥАीᎴᏋᏌЯ✪✪✪

        I’m assuming that the additional cost is due to the additional labor of individually packing each box versus quickly and easily packing mass quantities of non-customized boxes.

        • Lola

          If people pack boxes based on order slip with access to all the month’s colors near them it doesn’t really take much more effort just a difference in the way boxes are packed. It’s easily done logistically. And definitely not worth charging $5 more for a luxury item in this economy. People already justify spending money on polish a month when they have a ton, I’m not going to pay MORE when I have enough polish for years, if they don’t respect my patronage enough to not charge extra, then they just won’t get my money at all.

          • karen

            I don’t like the idea of an increase in price either….but you are assuming they pack the orders from a slip. I would guess they pre-pack the months boxes well ahead of time and go back and put the ad-ons. Changing it to completely customizable is a huge difference in labor. I’m just glad they haven’t taken away the “skip” feature. I would for sure cancel if that was the case.

          • kim gesumaria

            Well said Lola if the price goes up I am out also.

        • Maureen Ryan Petz

          they put the add-ons in the same box as your main box selection, so they can’t be pre-packing that much. They don’t charge for that manual labor. I agree they shouldn’t charge for this either.

          • karen

            Then don’t buy it. It really is just that easy.

          • Maree Fields

            Everyone can voice how they feel here…it’s just that easy to speak up about it too.

          • Lola

            Yes! Every box is customized to an extent for sure! If they just skip the sleeve holding the 2 polishes together, every person on the line packing boxes has a slip and access to that month’s colors and they grab the 2 or more the slip demands for the box. Easiest way to fill each basic boxes before adding beauty item per month box or before adding in add-ons even, but easily adapted to do that too. There is a finite set of items per month, if a packing line has all those items available, it’s no different than other complex order packaging that other similar companies have to do. What happens when someone just orders a ton of their products willy nilly? If they don’t need to charge people the extra money for paying up front for 3 months, they aren’t getting that $15 more at all, so why the 25% increase if I stay month to month but deserve the same ability to choose colors since I’m BUYING a service and product. Seems fishy that dishing out my money ahead of time for 3 months negates the need for extra money for supposed extra time or labor it takes. They either need it for everyone or for no one. It’s simply to lock everyone into 3 months at a time.

    • sugarunicorn

      I believe you can still skip months even if you’ve prepaid — you just opt not to apply one of your 3 month credits to the current month.

      • Lexie

        I’ve tried rereading and I really can’t tell. I hope you are right. Although, I still can’t be 100% on board with this.

        • sugarunicorn

          I’m just assuming based on how it works now if you prepay for your maven boxes — it just rolls the credit over to the next month.

        • Hey Lexie, your skip options won’t change with the new tiers. They will be the same as your current skip options.

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        I read it three times and I think you are right but it was not really 100% clear that we could do that.

      • Your skip options will not change. If you are an old Maven you will continue to keep your unlimited skips, and if you’re an earned skip Maven, that will remain the same as well.

        • Amanda

          how do we find out which one we are? I have no idea =/

    • Elizabeth Bencomo Marini

      or…you can keep current subscription and do an add-on, only when you want, and pay what would be the new monthly My Maven, but have 3 polishes instead of 2. You can always trade, gift or sell the one you do not like.

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        What? Keep the current subscription, ok, which is the same price as the My Maven, ok, then how do you get 3 polishes? If you choose to switch up for just one time it’s an additional $5.00 but you still get the same amount of product as you would for $19.99.

        • Yes, but you would be able to choose which exact 3 colors you want as part of your box. That is where the additional $5.00 comes from- it’s basically our “customization” fee. If you like having the boxes pre-curated the way our program is right now, no sweat- you can keep going that way for as long as you want. 🙂

      • Good idea 🙂

        • Courtney

          I will be keeping my subscription the way it is, I honestly have never received any polish I didn’t like. I am happy with adding on 🙂 As long as I do not change to the new subscription tiers than my monthly price stays the 19.99, correct? (just making sure I understand correctly). Thanks!

      • Kate

        This is what I do! Julep makes great gifts!

      • Courtney

        That’s what I am going to continue doing. It works for me 🙂 But it’s nice that Julep offers other options to try and please as many Mavens as possible

    • Hi Lexie, you won’t be stuck with any colors that you don’t love. The prepay options does not need to be used consecutively. Your skip options remain the same as they are right now.

    • Lola

      It’s abhorrent to charge extra up front. If they don’t allow the My Maven feature for everyone at normal cost without paying up front, they will be losing my business entirely.

      • Marcella

        Well, that’s your prerogative, but it’s going to cost them more to provide the customized boxes. Why on earth would they not charge more for it? That’s not ‘abhorrent’; they’re in business to make a profit, not to lose money by giving you a more labor-intensive product for the same price.

        • Lola

          If they changed how they packed boxes based on my experience in certain jobs it won’t mean extra time. They are already offering it for free essentially if you pay 3 months at a time, that’s not the issue here. It’s milking us for $5 more. I can vote with my money and go elsewhere and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. If it’s “free” when you pay for 3 months it should be when you pay month to month. It doesn’t give me much confidence in the company that they say it’s free if I pay $60 now and get locked into three boxes ahead of time. That’s definitely abhorrent. You go on the street and survey people and many wouldn’t pay for a monthly box at all. It’s a luxury service for many people. If they don’t appreciate my money already, I don’t feel I need to pay $5 or more extra and still feel like I’m being ripped off.

          • kim gesumaria

            Lola is correct, 100% !!! The packaging is a little over the top and can be cut down to make up for the “customizing” …..

          • Amanda

            The packaging is because makeup is delicate and easily broken. If they were sample sizes, not as big a deal, but if you got a full sized product completely broken, you’d be upset. The packaging is necessary, they just make it look nice for presentation.

        • Shedonista

          The idea of starving children is “abhorrent”. Your partner cheating on you is “abhorrent”. Rape is “abhorrent”. A business charging a (in the scheme of things, considering their pricing per polish etc.) nominal fee for a customization which will create extra paperwork, necessitate extra man hours etc, is “sensible”.

          They may still lose me anyway, because for me, spending $20 on a luxury item my best be spent elsewhere, like keeping both my ipsy and Birchbox subscriptions instead of Julep for the same $.

    • Marcella

      But you’re not stuck with anything. Just skip if you don’t like any of the colors. Your pre-paid credit will still be there when some colors come along that you like.

    • Clair Ellis

      Q: If I prepay for a three-month subscription, does that mean I can’t skip during those three months?
      A: When you prepay for a three-month subscription, you’re really prepaying for your next three Maven Boxes. If you have the option to skip during those three months, you absolutely can! The credit will stay in your account until you use it, and you won’t be charged again until it’s gone. Please note that prepaid subscriptions do auto-renew, so once you’re out of credit, your card will be billed for your next three Maven Boxes.

    • Kate

      If you prepay you are still allowed the option to skip if you don’t like the products. Your credit rolls over. So you won’t get stuck with unsatisfactory products. It says so in the FAQs if you just read them. I usually just add on the color I like. It costs the same as the new custom thing but I get an extra polish. If I get a color I don’t like I give them away on Listia or to friends/family as gifts. It’s still an extra $5 but I’d rather get the extra product for the extra $5.

      • Lexie

        The FAQs were not included originally when this was posted quietly on Easter. I’m not sure why I am still getting responses to this.

    • Suzy Smith

      You can skip a month or swap out all three pre-selected choices! Sometimes I love 1, 2, or all 3 but on occasion I want completely different nail polishes or items and swap out my whole box! I’m never stuck with anything I don’t want. If I’m having a tightwad or tight month I can skip too, knowing that I can make a note of any new colors I would like to get as an add-in or custom in a different month’s box! This way I can get my 3 paid boxes over more than three months if I have to!

  • Rachel Rosenthal

    Great options. Question, though: do we have to choose which of the 3 tiers we’re going to be doing next month? Can we keep the non-customizable “regular” subscription and then choose My Maven or Maven Luxe at a later time? Thanks! 🙂

    • Yes definitely…nothing changes about your subscription unless you want it to. 🙂

  • Melanie

    Think it’s not fair if I want to just stay with my maven current subscription but to do so I have to prepay for three months in advance that is extremely too expensive. I think it’s great if I want the option to swap things out to get a different subscription but if I choose not to I don’t think I should have to prepay three months in advance something needs to be done about that Because I can’t afford to pay $60 for nail polish.

    • Lexie

      You do not have to change to prepay unless you want to customize. That’s what I am planning.

      • Melanie

        Thanks Lexi, I also plan on doing the same thing.

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      Melanie, If you stay as you are you don’t have to pay in advance. It’s only if you want to ‘CUSTOMIZE’ your box. You can do that on a month to month basis but you have to pay $5.00. I think it’s fair for them to charge a little extra because I think it will be extra work for them to make customize boxes.

      • Jenn Mars

        As I read this, Susan, you cannot switch between customizable and traditional. Once you switch to a customizable box, you pay that price every month. The only way to customize at the current price is to pay 3 months at a time.

        • Julie

          You can switch back to the non-customizable box if you would like, by emailing the Team. I am sure it’s not something you can switch between as easily as we are able to switch between the boxes each month currently.

      • Sara Jones

        I don’t understand why it would be fair to add a fee to customize. Julep sells individual nail polishes already…I don’t think it’s that difficult to switch out single items in the maven boxes..but if this option was added to the regular maven box it would be that much better of a subscription. I feel like, I’m like most julep subscribers…it’s good for a while..for a nice little collection. But the lack of customization is the exact reason why I skip so often. I’m a grown woman…I don’t like shimmers/ and 95% of glitters..I like work appropriate colours. I find that sometimes the colours can be juvenile. If this option was added I the regular subscription it would make it a great subscription.

    • You only have to prepay if you want to do our customization program. If you would prefer to keep your Maven program as it is right now, you won’t have to prepay 🙂

      • Nija C

        So if I want to keep my old school box with no changes no add on’s it’s $20 still ??? or $24 now every time I get a non customized box?

  • S Garcia

    What if you prepay for 3 months but want to use your jules to get a free box? How does that work in?

    • You always have the option to choose payment with Jules when you select your box. That doesn’t change.

    • Yep, your Jules will cover a box, but you’ll still be able to redeem 3 Maven boxes since you paid for them upfront.

  • Erin Stokes

    I don’t see where it says if you stay at the current subscription you are billed 3 months at time. I read it as nothing will change unless you choose the customizable box and even then you can be billed monthly, it’s just cheaper in the long run.

    • Lexie

      I also understand it that we get to keep our current options if we want. Which I will probably do so until this is clarified more. I want to stay month to month but they are raising the price of month to month subscriptions if you want to customize.

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      I believe that you are correct. That is how I read it. You can do a month to month customize for $5.00 extra, which seems fair. I’d rather keep the subscription the same, choose a box, then add the other polish I want for $4.99. It ends up being the same price as upgrading one time to CUSTOMIZE but you get an extra polish. That way I can gift the one I don’t really like. We can still pass on a monthly box altogether if we wish. I like that option.

      • Jenn Mars

        “Once you switch your current subscription to My Maven or Maven Luxe, you can’t switch back to a non-customizable subscription.”

        Seems pretty clear that you can’t pay to customize one month, then pay the lower price the next.

    • That’s correct, Erin. If you want to keep your Maven program just the way it is- you can do that. If you want to join our My Maven program, you have two options, pay $24.99 each month, or pre-pay for three months up front at $19.99.

  • bossysheryl

    So….where’s the GREEN CUSTOMIZATION IS HERE banner? I’ve looked all over the place, and it’s nowhere to be found!

    • Lexie

      This starts in May

      • bossysheryl

        So it’s for the June and later boxes?

        • Lexie

          Yes. That’s about all I fully understood lol. That this starts with the May selection for the June box.

    • Full customization will start in May for your June box.

  • L Sakurako Lee

    I’m kind of confused. Question: if I do go with the upgrade to my maven, do I still have an option to choose add-on?

    • Yes you will still be able to choose additional add ons.

  • Lilly

    It’s really disappointing that they’re going to charge more if you want to customize. So basically, you can pay $20 for one color you love and one you hate, or $25 to get what you actually want–or $60 up front, which is a lot of money for some of us. And then if there’s a month where you just want one of the five Style Profile boxes, you can’t switch back to the old setup, so you’ll have to pay an extra $5 for the exact same thing you would’ve gotten for $20 if you hadn’t switched.

    • Em Jay

      Allowing customization is going to increase labour to custom-pick all the box variations. I agree with the small increase for people who want customization but do not want to prepay. If you don’t care for either customization or prepayment, then keep your current subscription as-is. Easy.

      • Well said, Em! 🙂

      • Rebecca

        A small increase in price would make sense, however, a 25% increase is not small!

        • Lola

          Especially when paying ahead incurs no extra fee. If they need the money for extra labor they would need it from everyone and not just the month to month subscribers.

      • Sara Jones

        You’re paying an extra 5$ to pick a nail polish out of a different bucket? By a company that already sells individual nail polishes.

      • Lola

        If paying up front gets the same perks as a 25% increase monthly, and that increase is to pay for increased labor, they how come the discount of $15 isn’t undermining their labor costs? It’s simple, they want to lock people in to 3 month at a time.

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      Well said. You summed it up very nicely. I can understand why they are charging more as it will involve more work to customize boxes. If they are packing orders they can just grab say a Boho Glam and slap an address label on it and they’re done. To customize they need to pack the box to your specifications. The way I see it, if there are two colors you like that are not in the same box you can always do an add on for $5, then gift the one you don’t like to a friend, babysitter, coworker, etc. It’s kinda the same thing but most months there are at least a couple of colors I really love, some that are okay, and a couple that don’t do anything for me. So if I get at least 2 that I love and one that’s just okay, then it’s not too bad for me. I feel good about giving little gifts and for $5 that’s a pretty good deal since these retail for $14.00. You are making someone else happy (hopefully) and they’ll love you for it.

    • Hi Lilly, we hear you, but to Em’s point, we have to increase the prices to make it consistent for those who opt to customize every month. We hope you end up loving it, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

  • Robin B

    Quick question, if we joined Maven before the skip rule changed (from being able to skip any time to needing to earn skips) and we choose to upgrade to My Maven, will we still be able to skip whenever we want or will we have to earn skips? I’m not totally clear on how the new payment scheme works.

    • Yes, your skip option will never change.

      • Robin B

        Thank you! That means I’ll definitely upgrade 🙂

  • Stacia

    How many polishes will come with Maven Luxe? It gives the price value but not the specifics.

    • Rakel

      It probably depends based on the value of the beauty product of that month, and I’m sure the different style profiles will vary.

  • juliasuggs

    For the 3-month pre-pay, are you specifically pre-paying for the next 3 calendar months, or are you pre-paying for your next 3 boxes and they don’t have to be chronologically in the next 3 months if you skip months in the middle?

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      That is an excellent question. I do not believe that has been made clear to us. I want to know the same thing.

      • Trina Irby

        You don’t lose skip privileges for prepaying. You are still allowed to skip and your credit will remain there until you use it.

    • Julie

      From the FAQ above:

      Q: If I prepay for a three-month subscription, does that mean I can’t skip during those three months?
      A: When you prepay for a three-month subscription, you’re really prepaying for your next three Maven Boxes. If you have the option to skip during those three months, you absolutely can! The credit will stay in your account until you use it, and you won’t be charged again until it’s gone. Please note that prepaid subscriptions do auto-renew, so once you’re out of credit, your card will be billed for your next three Maven Boxes.

      This says that if you want to skip a month, you can. You are getting charged for the next three boxes that you take.

      • juliasuggs

        My question was asked 8 days ago, they did answer it then, thank you.

  • Breanna Carriker

    I’m interested in Maven Luxe, but I don’t want to be stuck into a $40/mo box. Can we switch to the lower level if we decide it’s too much to spend per month, or would we have to do something like make a new account?

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      The regular Mavin boxes feature $40 worth of product for $20.00. The Luxe boxes feature $60.00 worth of product for $35 (if you subscribe). You can choose to do the Luxe box on a month to month basis but that is $40 per box. I’m assuming they will let you skip a month if you do it this way, ’cause why else do it? Except you don’t have put so much money up front.

  • Amy Adams

    Why don’t they just come out and say they have to raise their price instead of trying to make it sound like they are giving us more options? We still get the two nail polishes and something else but it’s $5 more for the basic box. Sure it will be great to select the polish of both colors but it’s still a price increase!!

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      Because if you don’t choose the new option then your price stays exactly the same.

      • Amy Adams

        Yes. Either like what they choose or PAY $5 more and you can switch out the colors. Why the $5 more to choose your colors? You can choose which box you want why not extend that to the colors as well without the price increase? Because people will pay it!

        • Ftloosenfanzfree

          Because it will require more physical labor to customize boxes which will cost them more money, so they have to charge more money for it. Or, you can get a discount by committing for at least three more boxes and pay exactly the same price.

  • Caroline Turner

    After reading over the details again it states that the My Maven tier is $40+ of products and the Maven Luxe is $60+ of product. What exactly is the diffrence they are referring to?

  • Kimberly

    I understand that I can keep the subscription I have now- do nothing and nothing will change- but if I want the privilege of being able to customize, I’m going to have to pay more. While I can rationalize that there will be increased work for the people packing the orders, that it’s only $5 more, or that I can keep my ‘old’ subscription and do the gifting thing on the colors I don’t want, there’s still something that just feels very wrong to me when I think about the fact that what’s REALLY changing is that I have to pay more for the ‘privilege’ of buying what I really want.

    • Lola

      And on top of that it’s the “privilege” of spending more money on an item that is already a luxury item in any economy but especially right now. It stinks. It’s bad service and if they make us pay $5 extra a month or 3 months upfront I will be canceling immediately. There are other companies that want my money.

  • Heather

    The info for new subscribers confused me — basically, anyone who signs up after May 1 will automatically have the customizable box options, but the basic month-to-month subscription will also automatically be $24.99/month rather than $19.99/month, correct? I just want to make sure I’m telling people the right thing if they ask about subscribing.

  • Joye-Anne Langille Clair

    I am confused about the Maven upgrade box. I usually like to upgrade and get the ultimate +55. box that includes all the polishes and beauty products. How does this new tier system affect that if I have prepaid for a luxe box? for example. Does that mean I can no longer get the upgrade and if I can what is the point of charging 3 months ahead and it won’t cover the ultimate upgrade box?

  • britney

    I think Id rather keep my account the way it is, and pay the extra $5 if there happens to be another color I really want as an add on, rather than pay an extra $5 a month every month to swap that color I may not like… It says you cant switch back once you switch your account. So for this one, I’m going to have to pass. Thanks but no thanks Julep, I’m sure you made a lot of Mavens happy and I like the concept, just not for me at this time! =)

    • Rakel

      The only thing about that method is that if you just want to switch out one polish, you might as well just do an add-on and give away the polish you don’t like. It only seems to make sense to do this with the prepaid option where it’s the same cost as the current subscription.

  • lori

    Well I’m kinda pissed that Julep is screwing old loyal Mavens with this. Basically if we want the option to swap out stuff from our boxes we are being FORCED to give up our ability to skip whenever we want. Right now unless a box is 100% perfect I skip. I’d skip way less if I could swap out. That said …. I feel like unlimited skips should be a perk that old mavens should be able to keep no matter what! We should not be forced to give up our old perk to take advantage of new ones.

    • Robin B

      I just asked and anyone who signed up under the old skip rules will be able to keep their ability to skip whenever they want!

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      That is completely untrue. The article states very explicitly that your current skip privileges will not change.

    • Marcella

      It says, *very* plainly in the blog post above, that your skip privileges will not change if you opt for the customization plan.

  • Monica

    If I do a three-month prepaid subscription as an old Maven, I understand from the comments that I still would have unlimited skips. But are you charged every three months regardless, or does it charge you when you’ve used up those 3 credits? Basically, what does “at the time of your next billing” mean?

    • It charges you once you’ve taken 3 boxes, not every 3 months. So you can still use your skips and it won’t charge you again until you’ve redeemed 3 boxes.

      • Sarah Gatewood

        That was my wondering to. If I purchase 3 months at a time, but decide to skip a month in between I don’t lose that credit? If so I really like that we can purchase ahead to save some money, but skip a month if we are not a fan of the products that month.

  • Christy Leigh Cudmore

    Just when I thought this site was perfect it comes up with customization! WOW! 🙂 Way to make the products more alluring! 🙂

    • Aww shucks, Christy! 🙂

  • Shaunna Young

    I understand that once you switch to the customizeable box, you cannot switch back to the original format–but can you switch back and forth from the “Luxe” and the “regular customization” boxes? I’d like to opt in for Luxe, but I also know that some months I might not be able to afford it.

    • Yes, if you are a Maven Luxe and want to go back to My Maven, you can call our CS Team and they’ll be able to assist you right away.

  • Gina

    It seems strange that you would want to customize for $5 extra when you could just add on the polish you like for the same price and get an additional item.

  • bonnie

    Basically for us older mavens we have 3 options. Stay with our current plan for $20, upgrade to a customizable plan for an extra $25, or upgrade to a larger customizable plan for $40. Both upgrades have a 3 month pay plan for extra savings. The maven luxe or larger plan are for those who want both beauty products and the nail polish without wasting an add-on spot. Although, you can also chose to swap out the beauty products or the polish colors if you choose.

    This is likely in response to the many comments saying they would be willing to pay an extra $5 to customize their boxes. I’ve noticed Julep listens to their customers. I have seen requested colors come out a month or two later and changes to the plie wand after the first announcement. Thanks for listening and thank you for further explaining the plans. Many of us are still trying to wrap our heads around it.

    • Lola

      Based on the $100s of dollars I’ve spent with them as an older member I think I deserve the ability to customize minus the charge. It’s ridiculous. I have enough polishes for years now, often taking the entire month’s collection. I’ll just stop shopping with them, and I know my sister and at least one of my two friends who subscribe, if not both, will probably cancel too. It’s a luxury item and we already feel like we’re paying more. It’s an insult to loyal customers to charge more to pick a different color.

      • Heather Dudley

        So you’re going to cancel a service you’ve been happy enough with to spend hundreds of dollars on, because they added more premium features you don’t want to pay extra for, but feel you’re entitled to because… you just are?

    • Erin H

      Great summation Bonnie!

  • ltraf087

    What exactly is in the Maven Luxe box? Four polishes and a product? Three and two? Five items of our choice?

  • kaina

    If I bought the welcome box on the 26th, will I be charged tomorrow for another box already or what❓ I want to try the nail polishes but I don’t want 2 boxes paid for when I haven’t gotten the first yet

  • Lisa

    Julep, why isn’t it made explicitly clear as to how many of each product we will be getting in the new Luxe subscription box? Can we get some clarification on this matter? I see from all the comments that everyone is curious about this and it has gone unanswered. How does it compare to the current upgrades?

  • Great news! A lot of the time I only like one of the colours in my box!

  • Lydia Runkle

    So, the month-by-month subscription is going up 5 bucks, starting in June? arghhh…

  • grandmotherwillow

    So if I don’t switch to My Maven this month, I can still do it later, right? Just wasn’t sure since it said “first monthly reveal.” This is probably a dumb question.

    How much will our Jules redeem for now? One $20 box or one $25 box? Or just one box of whatever subscription? That wouldn’t be as good of a deal if you aren’t on the customizable plan.

  • Michelle

    So to customize you have to pay more unless you prepay?

  • Kathryn

    Can you use your Jules on a custom box? Will it cost more Jules than the pre-selected monthly box?

  • Katherine

    So just to clarify: I already pre-pay 3 months at a time on the current Maven plan. So if I upgrade to the 3 month pre-paid My Maven subscription then nothing will change except I’ll be able to customize my box. Same price for me, same ability to skip. Am I missing something, because this sounds too good to be true!

  • stefffie78

    I’m confused, I have to pay $20 EXTRA each month just to have the option to choose a different color? Why wouldn’t I just choose the traditional box and get an add on polish for the $5 or whatever it is?

    • You only pay an extra $5 each month for the option to customize, and actually don’t need to spend any additional up front if you opt for the 3 month pre-pay route.

  • Erin H

    So does the Maven Luxe box give you the ability to add more items each month? If so how many?

  • Sherry Carroll O’Neill

    Exactly what is the Maven Luxe subscription? For example in the May selections, I liked 3 polishes that weren’t in my Maven box. Plus the box I chose did not include the wand. I figured it would be cheaper to do the $45. box, get all 9 polishes then add on the wand, than it would be to do just a bunch of add ons. Is this Luxe box the one where you get ALL the polishes offered that month?

  • Lola

    I like Julep, BUT I will be cancelling if My Maven option isn’t available to us all at no additional fee. I’m not spending $5 for a company to swap out one color for another, I’ll go buy my polish at Sephora every month and get extra points to spend on bonuses there and apply towards my Sephora Rouge membership. If you’re offering the service to choose our favorite two colors, it better be free to everyone. I’ve paid enough extra throughout the months that I deserve the small amount of extra service. If while packing everyone has access to all the month’s colors, it hardly seems more work to pop which two you want into the sleeve based on a packing slip. Charging us $5 more is a shameful rip-off and will result in my taking my money elsewhere.

    • hamsterdance

      The regular mavens boxes get pre packed weeks in advance of the reveal.

  • Natasha Erickson

    The only question that keeps coming up that I haven’t found the answer for is will the add ons still be there if you go customizable?? I’m hoping so because some months I buy a bunch, just not enough to warrant the dull upgrade. Everything else is answered, I’ll just need to see an example of a Luxe to fully get that part.

  • Marcella

    Awesome. Thank you! I’ve wanted a customized box since I joined Julep last year, and I thought I’d never see it because of the increased labor costs a customized plan would incur. But here it is, and for no additional charge if you do a subscription. Eminently fair, and very cool!

  • Boston Taylor

    Wait. So am I going to have to pay $5 extra even if I don’t want to swap my colors around?

    • Erin H

      If you switch to the customizable subscription style then yes, but you can stay with your current subscription and pay the usual. If you find that consistently each month you wish you could make changes then it’s probably worth it. If you don’t then stick with what you’ve got!

    • Megan Fagerhaug

      If you upgrade your tier to My Maven, yes, if there’s a month you like the preselected boxes and don’t want to swap anything, you still pay the $5 more.

      • Boston Taylor

        And there no more add-ons?

  • Megan Fagerhaug

    Julep, with both of these option costing your customers more money, will the Jules system be upgraded as well? Would we receive more than 300 Jules each time we take a box if we upgrade to My Maven or Luxe? That may be a helpful boost for those of us who have been here for a long time. And would it still be just 2000 Jules for a free box with both of these options?

  • Halcy

    Unless I’m messing up the math here, it would actually be more cost effective to go with either of the subscription plans. You’re paying a base amount for products three times out of the year rather than paying a subscription amount month to month. So, if mavens will be able to keep their $19 subscription, and we assume there’s never an instance where that maven uses the customize options (which would add $5), then that’s $239 a year, give or take. For those like me who’ve constantly added on before now, that might have been the case.

    If you take the 3 month subscriptions and work out how much you’d be paying a year it’s surprisingly cheap, and made better by the fact that you can skip any month you want and the credit will roll over. I don’t think it’s fair that older mavens have to pay an extra $5 every month if they don’t go on a 3 month plan, they already have to sort the boxes and polishes so what labor is occurring that you really have to charge an extra $5? Maybe people would feel better if there was a straightforward answer to this question? I’ve probably over thought this in my over caffeinated state.

    Also: Some explanation about how Jules will apply, and what’s up with the bigger upgrades (will they just go away now?) would have been nice.

  • Jillian Dion

    I’m not sure why some people are getting so bent out of shape. The offer is optional. For $5 (Or no extra fee if you commit to at least 3 months) you get the option to pick exactly what you like. And the Luxe option is an awesome deal if you find you’re always ordering extra. If you were grandmothered into the unlimited skips you lose nothing. This is why Julep is the only subscription I held onto. The customer service and the products are excellent.

  • Are people even reading the comments before posting? or just ranting for no reason??
    let me break this down for you!!!

    pay $20 and nothing changes, add on, dont add on, switch boxes.

    change it up and become a My Maven subscriber, $25 monthly or 3 month pre-pay for $60.. pre-pay is a savings of $15… change out everything in your box.. tons of choices to make and you get exactly what you want every time. unlimited skips and your balance rolls over so you wont get charged unless your credit runs out.

    really throw a curve ball and become a Maven Luxe, $40 monthly or 3 month pre-pay for
    $105.. savings of $15… change out everything in your box.. more beauty products and best sellers in every box, unlimited skips and your balance rolls over so you wont get charged unless your credit runs out.

    its all OPTIONAL!!!! if you dont want to be a maven, thats more for us and a better chance my color wont sell out!!!! dont blame Julep for evolving with our demands, we asked for it, they found the option for us!!

    i do agree with the jules though, ive always thought if we got add on we should get extra, so if we up tiers we should def get more!

  • karen

    I never post on these comment sections but I am a bit shocked at how negative people can be about the pre-pay option. Most sub services offer you a better deal if you purchase a few months at a time. This is true of cable TV, gyms, magazines and every other service that is monthly. If you don’t want to do it….don’t. It’s just that simple.

  • Danielle

    They are charging the extra $5 for the customization because the whole point of having the preselected boxes each month is that you get them at such a great discount. They picked those products for you and package them in those specific style sets. Sure, you can buy an individual polish, but you don’t get as great of discount as you would by getting a preselected box. So yeah, I definitely agree with them charging more to have the convenience of customizing your box. While I don’t necessarily want to have to pay that extra $5, if I want to customize my box, I definitely will. Or I’ll just add an extra color for that $5 if I really hate one of my colors.

  • Danielle

    Also, if you can barely afford the box right now, then whyyyy are you buying it? You can get good quality nail polish cheaper than this at a brick and mortar store and that is fully customizable and then you can purchase those when you DO have the money for it and not complain about a company actually wanting to make money for the services they are providing you.

  • Margo D

    Mavens have been craving the opportunity to curate their own boxes almost from Julep’s beginnings. I can’t figure out why so many Mavens now believe that premium service should be free? Production, packaging, media support, etc, all working on an excellerated timeline costs! It’s not a matter of principle for Julep to negate good business practices because I’ve been around awhile and feel entitled to additional discounts when they are are already cutting me a break on the price of their products.

    Personally I will leave my membership as is and pay extra for what I want when I want it. If $5 is going to break me then I don’t need to be involved at all!

    • It shouldn’t raise their overhead, so no reason to raise prices.

  • Becky

    I didn’t know that I could skip a month. Please, will someone explain how to do this or where do I get more information? I really enjoy how easy it has been to send a box to my daughters, but I need a break. Thank you!

    • When did you join? That will affect the response to if you can skip and how often.

  • courtney

    i love the idea. i agonize over box choices every month and it would be so great to just swap a colour and be done with it! lol. as for the $5, it’s easily avoided by prepay… which may require some adjustment as far as monthly savings goes, but simply reallocating your funds shouldn’t be that big a deal if you can afford the extra cost of a monthly box in the first place. thumbs up, julep! ^_^

  • misslevana

    how would we be able to to apply coupons and our jules points? i just joined recently and I have a coupon. can we still be able to use our coupons and jules?. it seems kind of unfair if we have to pre pay for things when we have a coupon or jules we would like to use for a box. i don’t really add other things onto my boxes or anything. i love julep products and i love the idea of customizing things but 5 dollars extra….

  • Terri Matlock

    I am excited to see customized boxes! I don’t buy a lot of polish but when I do it’ll be nice to get ones I want. 🙂 I’m glad we can still skip the month too if we can’t afford a box. I can’t always afford to buy a box every month and that’s one option I love.

  • Tori

    I like the customization option, but what it we decide to customize our boxes a few times, then don’t want to the next few times because we like the original box? Do we still have to pay the extra to get the original box? That’s kind of stupid if we do. I understand the extra fees for a custom box, but not for an original box.

  • neha dalmia

    Julep you all did an awesome job with this post. very thorough and most of my questions have already been answered in the FAQ! However I do have one last question – For maven luxe how many extra products do we get every month? Thanks!

  • Ami

    If you’re a MyMaven and you choose NOT to customize that month, is it still $25 or just $20? Also I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to charge extra to customize, I don’t know what people want they’re never happy.

    • There is no overhead cost reason to do so, that’s why. The packages are already hand packaged, and the update they would need to do to their website also wouldn’t raise their overhead.

      • Ftloosenfanzfree

        It will absolutely take a lot more time to hand-package fully customized boxes than it currently takes to hand-package boxes that are mostly uniform.

  • Alaina Kerry Sambol

    How do we know if we are old mavens or if we have earned skip privelages? I like this idea, I do however agree that paying more just to customize is a little much. I would definitely only do it if I chose to prepay. I don’t want to end up paying any more than I do now in the long run

    • SpasByStarla – Christina

      if you were a Maven before Dec 2013 you have unlimited skips if you joined since then the skip structure is difference..

  • Guest

    So, if I’m understanding this right, I signed up to receive four polishes a month (which I got the first two months). Now, I get 2 polishes and another sort of product. Last month I got three color polishes. So, they’ve decreased the amount of product I’m getting overall and now I’m supposed to pay more just to choose the colors I actually want? I’ll be saying bye-bye to Julep I think.

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      What on earth are you talking about? They do not currently have a subscription for four polishes a month. The base subscription boxes are staying exactly the same. Most boxes have been (and will continue to be) two polishes and a product. There has also been (and will continue to be) one box of only products and one box of only polish (which only comes with three polishes, not four). All of that is the same. The only difference now if that if you choose to upgrade you get the opportunity to alter those base boxes if you prefer items from other boxes.

  • Genevieve

    Julep I am totaly happy with your new My Maven and Maven Luxe box…But you are keeping a secret with all of us…what is in the Maven Luxe box….pleaseeeeeee I want to know!!! hihi….

  • SpasByStarla – Christina

    I agree on the lack of being able to switch back to the original plans
    cause sometimes I actually want all the colors in my box (it girl) so
    then I’m going to be forced to pay 25 for 3 items that I wouldn’t
    customize in the old way.. that in the current plan I’m paying 20 for..
    Easy for me I WON’T be switching to customized.. YES! I get the cost
    increase for a customized box.. but why not just allow us to have a
    Customized Button and say .. ok THIS month I wanna customize my box
    agree to pay an additional Customization fee and then every month your
    not forced to take a customized box unless you WANT to! THAT Julep would
    make MUCH more sense! This would also eliminate the need for the Pre-Buy to save just on the customized boxes..

  • Edith’s Head

    Is there any way we can pick the billing date? I wouldn’t mind paying for the 3 month at a time plan, but I would really like it to come out on the same day all my other bills come out.

  • Debbie Amos

    I love the products but I am not paying more for it. It is a stretch for me to swing the 20.00 a month as it is. As far as selling the stuff you don’t want I’ve tried that on eBay you don’t get anything for it so most of the time it is a waste of money in the long run because your stuck with stuff you won’t use.
    Giving it as gifts is fine but most of the time if it’s something I won’t use my friends and family won’t either. It would be nice if they let it be customizable at the same price. I can get great polish from sallys or buy opi for 8.00 with larger bottles at the local salon if I’m desperate for color. I think it is a very large luxury that I can do without.

  • Lola

    I was treated rudely in a customer service email when I was unable to use their 800 number to cancel. Coincidentally it wouldn’t work, hmmmm. Still canceling. She said they had no plans on changing any pricing and basically told me flat out that it was a way to get people to pay ahead of time when I asked why paying 3 months meant no extra payment was needed for the extra services. I am willing to post our entire exchanges, along with my real name and email address for all to see and let them confirm or deny whether or not it’s legit. I can take screenshots and they can deny it all they want. I’m done being polite.

  • Peggy Mcintosh-Rivera

    I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep my subscription, but feel that others should be aware of more info…..

    I don’t think anyone realizes that we don’t even receive a third of an
    ounce in these bottles and since I have only skipped maybe 2-3 times
    since I started w/ them when they started this service shows I do like
    the product ,but now I can purchase half ounce bottles of poor to
    excellent polish for less or the same , you just have to shop around .
    Now Julep needs to realize that what a lot of these women are posting
    can be detrimental to the program and I hope they really listen to their consumers…and yes, I’ve rec A LOT of colors that I’ve given away because I’m just to fair, but I have a daughter and quite a few nieces that the colors do work on, win-win

  • Brianna

    I have a question. I just joined and got my welcome box about a week and a half ago and I was wondering if i would still get a box for May or if I’d have to wait until June.

  • I don’t think this change in subscription pricing is because of labor to pack boxes but as a way to cover slightly higher product cost. For instance, it’s typically cheaper to go to Sam’s Club or Costco to get basic staples, but if you don’t want three boxes of one kind of cereal and would rather mix and match you have to pay the single box price at a regular grocery store. What would cost you $7.99 at the membership club is going to cost you $9.99 or more for the same amount of product BUT it’s exactly what you want. That’s just my take. I’m glad you still have the choice to skip.

  • kiaaaaa

    am i the only one happy with the changes and dont care about the price increase? =/

  • Molly

    They would like you to pre-pay so they avoid paying the processing charges to deduct the funds from each customer’s account on a monthly basis.

    That being said, the option to customize could be the incentive for prepayment, but doesn’t justify the price increase. Each box is picked and packed should there be any add-on items, anyway.

    As a newer maven, I’m finding screen shopping for pricey nail polishes is an already expensive and imperfect art. The return policy is not friendly enough to offset the cost. I spend plenty on nonessential beauty, but julep hasn’t done enough to convince me this service is worthwhile and that is prior to prepayment or a price increase.

  • Jay

    I’ve seen this asked a few times with no response: What is the break down on item quantities for the two tiers? $40 & $60 worth of product isn’t very informative.

    Are those figures based off of retail price? Maven discounted prices? Or the discounted add-on prices we usually see?

    Is there a limit on the quantity of items we can pick? For example, if we join the $60 tier, are we just presented with a variety of options & we select $60 worth of product? What happens if what we want only adds up to $54? (I assume the product selection interface must be quantity based rather than price based because of that very reason.)

    Additional details would be appreciated since I don’t want to commit without knowing more about what I’m getting. Customization is great since I have skipped several boxes recently due to disliking the color combos offered, but it’s not worth it if you’re not sure exactly what your customization options are.

    Thank you.

  • disqus_l6CZj79tYi

    This box subscribtion is a rip off!!! They don’t make it a point to offer the cancellation w/o clicking the e-mail and reading it in its entirety. Don’t be so sneaky and offer the cancellation on the e-mail you send to excite people about the up coming box. I would have like to have been more clear on the process and the dates we select etc. Products sucks, the inner rim eyeliner ran under my eyes after only a half hour of wear. The nail polish chipped after 3 days, with no washing dishes, typing or filing. CHEAP!!! Save your money or gift this box is so not worth it. They’ll give you a return label for credit towards more of their cheap prodcuts Hahah what a laught. Mrs. Park better your service and try to entertain me with that:)

  • elizabeth

    I want to cancel the maven boxes but I don’t know how.

  • Kellie Mason

    I am soooo excited!!! Today is my first time customizing my September box. How fun this is to be able to say “Nah, I’d rather have this”. Coool!!!

  • DeLacy

    When can we choose to skip a month?

  • Michelle

    It says you can opt out of a month – but I don’t see how? Please Advise! Thanks

  • Victoria

    How do I cancel my box?

    • I think you need to call during business hours, there’s no option for that online.

  • Naomi Fisher

    If I paid for the three month subscription, do I pay for the add-ons?