Jane’s Guide to Pedi Prep

by Jane Park | 5 Comments

The Best Pedi Prep Ever


Jane Park's Guide to Pedi Prep


  • Jennifer

    I was convinced and bought one. 🙂 Can you do a post with more details about how to best use the 4 different surfaces of the Julep foot file? That would be so helpful. Thanks!

    • Carly

      Hey Jennifer! The foot file actually only has two usable sides: one is more rough than the other. We’ve gotten this question before so we’re working on coming up with a better solution 😉

  • Dera Jane,
    My name is Olivia, and i am just starting to start a youtube channle while i was watching someone ” my makeup collection” i saw you prodects and i was wondering if you could some how send my some free samples so when i start i showing my collection then i could show your prodects. have a nice summer i hope you can get back to me.

    thank you,

  • I love the pedi perp idea. i think it saves us the time of soaking our feet up in hot water. I just hate that part. It makes quite a mess.

  • TKny

    I just got my first order from Julep and did a comparison a few of the shades of polish I had accumulated, recently. I can’t believe the difference in how Julep goes on so smoothly, really “cremely” compared to the other polishes and just as a perfect consistency on its own merit! Never one to do much polishing so far, rather reading blogs and watching tutorials, now I have another distraction in doing swatches to compare polishes. I just hope my lack of willpower in nail art, generally, with Julep being so fabulous in color and texture don’t compell me to completely “lose it” since there is a high level of “provocation” on Julep’s part as in, “It’s not my fault!”
    In the meantime, I acquired the Creativity Set but don’t have the wand. Kindly let me know what is involved in getting one, please.