The Plastic Bag Trick

by Maria McNamara | 3 Comments

Today we bring you two more frighteningly festive tutorials from Ashley, our guest nail artist.

you’ll need:

– white polish (like Bunny)
– yellow polish (like Catrina)
– orange polish (like Nina)
– a clear plastic bag









Apply two coats of white polish. Let your nails dry.









Apply patches of white, yellow, and orange to a clear plastic bag. Two coats should do it. (You can ignore the black for now—it’ll be used in the next tutorial.)









Once the bag is completely dry, use a sharp edge to loosen the corner of the polish. Then peel the whole patch off the plastic.









Cut the polish into strips and place them on your nails.









Trim polish strips and gently file your free edges with a fine grit emery board. Use polish remover to clean around your cuticles.









Apply top coat to seal the polish strips on your nails. Then admire your finished product… cool candy corn-inspired stripes!

you’ll need:

– black polish (like Brandt)
– orange polish (like Nina)
– a clear plastic bag









Apply two coats of orange polish. Let your nails dry.









Follow steps 2-4 from the tutorial above. (Paint a black polish patch on your plastic bag, wait for it to dry, peel it off, and cut it into jack o’lantern eyes, noses, and mouths.)


Apply with tweezers, seal with top coat, and amaze your friends!

So tell us: Will you be rocking one of these looks come Thursday? Can you think of any other designs you’d like to try using this method? Do you love peeling polish off plastic as much as I do?

  • I didn’t think that really worked. Now I know how to do it! THANKS SOOO much!!!

  • Lua

    Awesome trick! Fantastic for those of us (most of us) who aren’t ambidextrous! Lol! I can never get designs perfect on both hands but this is a fantastic little idea!

  • Michelle

    This is so awesome! So doing this, gonna try this with my teenaged female clients.