The Pros & Cons of Sunscreen

by Erica Stolman | 3 Comments


For ages we have been told to wear sunscreen every single time we leave the house so that we don’t get a burn, get wrinkles, and most importantly- don’t get skin cancer. I personally am a huge advocate of sunscreen, always have been and always will be. Yet as much as I love the stuff, there are some individuals who often forgo sunscreen. Here are some of the pros & cons of sunscreen, as well as some of my two cents, which will hopefully assist you in making the right decision when it comes to protecting your skin!

  • – Pro: Protects your skin from the harmful suns rays, thus protecting you against skin cancer. I think we can all agree that this is a definite plus & probably the number one reason to wear sunscreen.
  • – Con: Sunscreen blocks Vitamin D, which is the happy vitamin. This may actually be true, covering all your skin with sun protectant blocks the sun from reaching your skin, and the suns rays are what produce vitamin D. Even though I know the importance of Vitamin D, I still stick with my daily sunscreen application. To make sure I am getting enough vitamin D, I take 600 IU’s a day in a pill form. Easy fix.
  • – Pro: Prevents painful & annoying sunscreens. After a long day at the pool you don’t want to be the one who is stuck at home with an annoying burn and/or sun poisoning (yes, it does happen)!
  • – Con: Sunscreens are jam packed with chemicals! This topic is highly debatable these days. Yes, sunscreens do have chemicals in them, yet are those chemicals worse for you than a sunburn? Some people say yes, while others say no. Instead of arguing who is right or wrong, try using a sunscreen that is PABA-free & doesn’t contain sulphates, parabens, or phthalates… like our newest product, Daylight Defense!
  • – Pro: Sun exposure causes wrinkles, that is the truth. Sunscreen protects your skin and guarantees that you do not prematurely age due to sun exposure. This is a huge reason that you should wear sunscreen, maybe one of the biggest. I don’t know how many times I can possibly say it, yet wrinkles will make you look older than you are & that is something you absolutely do not want.
  • – Con: Sunscreen leaves awful white streaks on your skin, which doesn’t go well with your cute new swimsuit. True, with some sunscreens. Find a streak free sunscreen and you wont have to deal with any of those unsightly white spots all over your skin.
  • – Pro: The sun doesn’t only make you look older because you will get wrinkles, but it also produces nasty looking age spots. Both of these things will make you look older than you are. Like I said above, keep yourself looking young & fresh faced by simply apply sunscreen in the morning.
  • – Con: Sunscreen prevents you from getting a good tan. This is a very common misconception about sunscreen that turns people away from using it when they are looking to get a darker skin color. Here is the truth: sunscreen simply prevents you from getting burnt, while sun block prevents any and all of the sun’s rays from hitting your skin. If you are lying out on the beach and looking to get tan, use sunscreen. If you are running in a marathon and don’t want to get a sports bra tan line, use sunblock.
  • deyna

    Thank you for this extensive list of pros and cons about sunscreen. I never actually knew there were cons besides being such a drag to buy and put on.

    I’m really starting to understand the importance of sun protection and I am slowly trying to educate myself and start using sunscreen. At this point i rarely make the time to put suncreen on my entire body but i do make a point to use a moisturizer with a decent spf. Gotta protect the face! One thing that really pushed me to do that is that without it sun rays can darken age spots (I have none) and hyperpigmentation and I’m trying to clear my face

  • deyna

    sidenote: Prevents painful & annoying “sunburns” *edit*
    i think you meant sunburns instead of “sunscreens”

  • Katie

    i’m having a hard time finding this on the julep website. where is it?