The Right Color for Your Lips

by Victoria | 2 Comments

Choosing a lipstick can be a daunting task. In an effort to sort through the rainbow, we’ve done our research to find the shades that work for ladies of all skin tones.

If you have fair skin like Kate Bosworth, nudes, pinks, and light corals will complement the light pigments in your skin without washing you out. We recommend Tea for Two, a nude shimmer and Satin Doll, a sheer poppy, two soft tones that go well with lighter skin. As a general rule, avoid browns as the tend to contrast light skin too drastically and wash you out. If you want to pull a Marilyn Monroe and paint your lips with a strong red, with bluish (not orange) undertones. Blue undertones have the added benefit of making teeth appear whiter.Lip Color for Fair Skin Women


If you have a medium skin tone like Mila Kunis, go for a rosy look. Pinks ranging from dusty peach to subtle fuchsia complement the slight pink in your cheeks and add a pop of color to your face. For a natural look, nude lipstick like Tea for Two accentuates the warm tones in your face without looking too overdone.Lip Color for Medium Skin Beauty


Women with olive skin tone like Jessica Alba, really shine in darker colors like rose, mauve, and berry. Charleston, a sheer cranberry available in our Paris Jazz Lipstick Trio highlights the warm undertones in your skin, while bold pinks like our Sweet Lorraine, which is also in our Paris trio, will add a fun pop of bubblegum pink to your look. For those days when you want to break out the classic red lipstick, skip the bright shades of red and go for a deep burgundy like the color Jessica Alba is wearing below.Lip Color for Olive Skin Women


If you have dark skin like Zoe Saldana, have fun with colors like deep plum, chocolate, or red. Browns in caramel or walnut shades are typically best for daytime wear while darker purples like plum and wine add a little mystery and edge to nighttime affairs. When choosing the perfect red, try looking for one that is orangey-red. Charleston, a dark cranberry, and Lady in Red in our Paris Jazz Lipstick Trio are two good colors that achieve a demure but glamorous look!

Lip Color for Dark Skin Women


Don’t be afraid to play around with different shades to see how they look on you! A big part of beauty is trial and error and nothing is more fun than playing dress up. Like clothes, makeup allows you to express yourself and also experiment with different looks. So whether you are a Sweet Lorraine, a Satin Doll, a Lady in Red, or someone else entirely, have fun and show off your inner beauty!

Do you have any tips for finding the right lip color for your face? Have any other helpful lipstick tips? Tell us in the comments below! We love hearing from you!


  • Regan

    I really like that you listed colors for these skin tones, but calling Zoe Saldana’s skin “dark” isn’t exactly PC. I’m glad you picked her because I have her skin tone, but she’s a much lighter version of what you’re calling “dark” skin. What about ones that are even darker, like Kerry Washington or Grace Jones? You should include all skin tones, not just ones that might be popular.

  • Laura

    I just found Julep today and I am in love with your site in general! But this article made me take a little step back. Like Regan said, calling Zoe Saldana’s skin “dark” is kind of pushing it. Unlike Regan, my complexion is no where near Zoe’s. I am dark. Queen Latifah, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Rowland Kerry Washington, Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, Alex Wek, Monica Brown, Janelle Monae, etc. Those are the people I would look to for makeup inspiration for “dark” women like me. I still love the site but you may want to show opposite ends of the “dark” spectrum. Gives a more complete picture and so no one feels slighted.