The September Issue: Boho Glam

by Maria McNamara | 2 Comments

Boho Laurel

Favorite Julep color: Vera is the definition of a non-boring neutral.
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Favorite Julep product: Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo saves me when I oversleep, which happens more than I’d like to admit.
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This fall, I’ll be…

Wearing lots of cozy cardigans, knit beanies, and comfy boyfriend-style jeans with riding boots. I was really into layering necklaces this summer, but now I’m switching my focus to colorful scarves and cool earrings. I’m actually starting night classes soon, so I’m trading in my purse for a cute backpack that can take me from work to school.

Listening to Holy Ghost!, Elvis Costello & the Roots, and Janelle Monae. I just got a record player and my parents gave me all their old vinyl…exploring all their old favorites has been really fun.

Drinking green tea (good for the brain!), whiskey ginger, local ciders.

Eagerly anticipating snow, wool socks, autumn leaves, beards.

1. Ben-Amun earrings from, 2. Dolce Vita riding boot from, 3. Julep Vera and Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo from, 4. Leigh & Luca scarf from, 5. Warehouse cardigan via, 6. Jack Wills jeans from, 7. Obey backpack from

  • Leanne Flynn

    Great pics and as always 4* on style biz. I clickedv x2 instead of just one on your special all styles box this month- and i’m barely sorry! LOL! I look forward to both boxes! Truth. I already have plans for them.

  • Edith Carver

    just cancel you just have my style down to what i like or want

    thank u