The Women Who Inspire Us

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“Who says I can’t hang with the boys in the high alpine and have great looking nails at the same time?”

Hello, girlfriend!

Hello, girlfriend!

Meet April. She’s a Seattle-based numbers-whiz with a knack for reaching high places. VERY high places. Read on to hear from the woman who might be the very first to swing an ice axe with Julep-polished nails.

NAME: April H

OCCUPATION: Financial forecasting at a high-end retailer in Seattle. However, right now I’m training for a climbing expedition in Bolivia and felt this was the perfect time to step away from analyzing trends and writing Excel formulas to focus on my passion.

PASSION: Climbing mountains. What I enjoy most about climbing is pushing myself mentally and physically through cold and challenging circumstances to reach the end, and the camaraderie that is built amongst my rope-mates through that process. We have one very clear objective⎯get up and get down together and alive. The reward for me isn’t in saying I summited (reached the top), that’s not a guarantee. The reward is the experience. But if I’m lucky enough to get there, the views from the top are pretty fantastic, too.

INSPIRATION: Who says I can’t hang with the boys in the high alpine and have great looking nails at the same time? A friend of mine joked that the number one rule of being outdoors is to look good. So, in the spirit of looking good while going days without a shower, and trading in my MacBook for an ice axe, I’m going to keep my fingernails polished. Thanks Julep for sending me off to Bolivia with amazing colors and Freedom Top Coat! I can’t wait to see how they hold up on Chacaltaya (17,700′), Pequeno Alpamayo (17,618′), Cabeza de Condor (18,530′), Charquini (17,690′) and Huayna Potosi (19,974′).

April H 2

….Aaaand she’s off. April’s excursion to the high peaks of Bolivia started a few days ago. We’re pulling for you, girlfriend!

Readers, we’ll let you know how April (and her nails) fared on the journey as soon as we hear some news. Join us in keeping fingers and toes crossed for summits reached, and safe returns.

Got a girlfriend who inspires you? We’d love to hear about her in the comments!