Throwback Thursday: Guess Who This Goth Girl Grew Up to Be

by Meghan Carlson | 1 Comment
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For today’s Throwback Thursday, we’re playing a little guessing game. It’s Throwback Thursday:Β Celebrity Childhood Photo Edition.

Can you guess who this experimental girl with the two-tone hair and dark lipstick grew up to be?


Hint: Today she’s known for her stunning beauty and fashion expertise, channeling her skills and international superstardom into TV hosting jobs, acting, clothing design, and more. And her hair looks a lot different (and lighter) these days. She’s …





… Heidi Klum!

Yep, before she was one of the world’s most successful models, Heidi had a bit of a punk-goth streak, showing off red and green hair and black lipstick at the tender age of 9.

And as anyone who’s ever seen her costumes at her annual Halloween party knows, Heidi still has a knack for experimenting with shocking looks. The goth look may be long gone, but some things never change.

  • Elizabeth Rupe

    I don’t know but she looks familiar