Spring Wedding Attire

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There is a fine line when it comes to dressing up for a spring wedding; the fear of outshining the bride by overdressing puts you at risk for underdressing, neither of which are ideal. The weather is another factor which may pose an issue when trying to find the perfect spring wedding dress, because sun and rain are often just as likely to occur the day of. With a few key pieces and some clever layering, however, dressing to impress at this season’s weddings will be a breeze.

Spring Wedding Attire
Spring Wedding Attire by julep featuring green drop earrings

1. The first essential piece is a spring dress, of course. Try a sleeveless one, that hits just above or below the knee. Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist extraordinaire, recommends a silk pastel dress. Pastels are a big trend for spring, and there are so many beautiful pastel colors to choose from. We love mint, but light florals and subtle stripes are also great choices. Play with pattern!

2. A tailored blazer is also crucial for layering over a sleeveless dress. A gorgeously fitting blazer is good for staying warm if rain decides to make an appearance or a breeze comes through, and you will wear it for much longer beyond the wedding itself. For a fun twist on texture, try tweed. Or, take the menswear route with an oversized blazer for some unexpected contradiction between the jacket and a feminine dress. A good blazer is a staple, so if you don’t already have one hanging in your closet, this is the perfect excuse to go out and splurge a little bit! It is an investment piece, after all.

3. Strappy sandals are the most appropriate and comfortable for a spring wedding. As much as we love heels, they are difficult to walk in on grass lawns (if you’ve ever gotten your heels stuck in the grass, you know what we’re talking about). Try a metallic pair if you decide on a pastel dress to add a little spice, or color-blocked shoes if your dress is sweet and simple. Short heels are great if flat sandals aren’t really your thing, but make sure they’re chunky- or the grass lawn will end up being your worst enemy. And of course, we can’t forget wedges. We can’t help but think that wedges were made specifically for spring weddings- they provide enough stability so you don’t find yourself hobbling around outside, and they dress up an easy dress effortlessly.

4. Statement-making jewelry is a fun (and totally acceptable) way of stealing a little bit of the spotlight without taking away from the bride. Drop earrings are elegant and frame your face without being overbearing and taking away from the rest of your envy-provoking wardrobe.

5. If you are lucky enough to attend a wedding in a place with very predictable weather and can bet on some sun, bring out your inner (or outer!) fashionista with a floppy hat. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but wearing one will protect your eyes from the sun and you’ll be able to sit through the ceremony a lot more comfortably.

6. Lastly, a clutch cannot be forgotten. Stash your lipgloss, a camera phone, and some trail mix in case hunger strikes before the bride and groom can cut the cake.

Wedding season can be a little overwhelming (or panic-inducing), starting the minute invitations begin to roll in. Preparation is key, but remember that they day truly is to celebrate love and joy. Even if it rains and you forget your blazer, or your heels end up getting stuck in the grass, don’t forget to enjoy all that the beautiful and promising day has to offer!

Do you have any beauty or style tips for dressing for spring weddings? We would love to hear in the comments below!