What Color Eye Shadow Best Complements Your Eyes?

by Erica Stolman | 2 Comments

Whether you have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, or hazel—chances are you want your beautiful peepers to pop. To make your eyes stand out, all you need are a few simple tips & tricks in regards to choices of colors used on your lids.

Check out my suggestions below, and let us know any secret eye makeup tips you have as well!

eyeshadows with eye colors

Blue eyes: All you blue-eyed beauties will look best when wearing earth tones, browns with a slight purple base, taupe, and slate grey. Those colors are the best compliments to your baby blues, yet if you want a brighter look you can also wear rose colored or pink shadows. Blue is part of the cool tone family which means that warm colors are the best contrast with your eyes—making the color of your eyes pop. A few things to know is that blue eyeshadow is an absolute NO, as it will end up dulling out the color of your eyes, for the same reason you also always want to wear a color darker than your eyes. When it comes to eyeliner and mascara, your best bet is to stick to shades of browns.

Brown eyes: Brown eyed girls are lucky because they can get away with almost anything when it comes to eye makeup. If you really want your eyes to pop, wear green or pink shadows. Shadows with a gold undertone or gold flecks will bring out any gold that you have in your eyes. You can also wear various shades of brown, but be careful with what shade you choose as it could make your eyes look muddy. The absolute best color to wear with brown eyes is anything with blue, which is a strong contrast to brown eyes. Dark shades produce a very dramatic and sexy effect on brown eyed ladies, while lighter shades make for a great natural look. Black mascara and eyeliner will really make your brown eyes stand out. White eyeliner on the inside of the lid also is great for brown eyes because it makes them look bigger.

Green eyes: Purples—violet and plum especially—are the best colors to wear when you have green eyes. Keep the color tones warm—think mauve’s, lilacs and medium pinks. Brown shadows with a bit of gold or bronze look great with green. Avoid cooler colors (blues and such) as they can make you green-eyed gals look washed out. The best combination for green eyes is a medium color for the lid, a dark color for the crease, and a lighter color for the brow bone as a highlighter—all blended together smoothly. Black eyeliner and mascara is a bit harsh for green eyes, so opt for a brown instead.

Hazel eyes: Hazel eyes are best complimented by colors such as pale pink, light purple, and other sheer colors. Shimmer for the everyday use is great option for hazel eyes as well. To make the gold in your eyes really stand out, make sure to use shadows that have a bits of yellow in them with golden undertones. If you want to show off the blue in your eyes, then use purple shadows in different hues. With all of these looks, black mascara and eyeliner is a good choice for hazel eyes—yet you can also have fun with colored liners as well (blue and green).

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  • Nicole

    Cool!!! I’m blue-eyed and you gave me great advice!

  • Teresa

    I have brown eyes and I never knew I could wear nearly every colour, thanks!