What’s Your Eye Shape?

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what's your eyeshape?

  • + Monolid: Monolid eyes are more flat and have little to no crease, the brow bone is also less defined. Your main goal is to create the illusion of definition by playing with various hues of a certain shade. You will want to apply the darkest shade close to your lash line, the next shade in the center, and a highlighter/light color towards the brow bone. Always be sure to curl your lashes as well, this will open your eyes up.
  • + Hooded: Hooded lids are basically lids that droop over, hiding the crease and weighing down the eye (making it appear smaller). To make your eyes appear wider, you will want to line the waterline on the top and bottom and use a dark shadow extending out past the crease. Also, be sure use extra mascara at the base of your lashes, as this can also get hidden in the fold of your lid. 
  • + Deep Set: Deep set eyes are, as your could guess, set deeper in the skull. To make your eyes pop, use a light colored shimmering shadow on your lids and a highlighter on your brow bone.
  • + Protruding: Protruding eyes have more of a bulge to them, which actually is a good thing- as you get more space to play with! You know how they say dark clothes make you look smaller? Well the same goes for your eye shadow. Darker hues will make you protruding eyes look smaller, as will a good smudge of liner close to the lashes.
  • + Downturned: The downward slope of your eyes make you the perfect candidate for a sultry cat eye! Winged liner will help to bring your eyes up a little and create more symmetry. 
  • + Upturned: Upturned eyes, or almond shape eyes, turn up a little bit at the end. The lower lash line of your eye may actually be just a tad bit longer than your upper lash line. To help even things out a bit, add a swipe of a dark shadow or liner to the lower lash line.
  • + Close Set: To make it appear as if you have more space between your eyes, add highlighter or light shadow to the inner corners of your eyes as well as add extra coats of mascara to just your outer lashes. This way, when people look at you, their attention will be naturally drawn outwards. 
  • + Wide Set: Wide eyes need to be brought together, and the best way to do that is to apply eyeliner as close to your tear duct as you can get. Also, be sure to get all your little lower lashes covered by mascara. 

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