Work Appropriate Nails

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If you’re like us, (and we think you may be when it comes to nail polish,) you are conflicted about painting your nails and staying consistent with guidelines at work. While animal print and neon may be a bit too much for the office, you can still keep your nails fun in a more toned down way. Here are some ideas to keep you work appropriate without sacrificing your nail style!

1. Keep your nails clipped and your cuticles maintained! No one wants to get scratch marks from shaking your hand or hear you clacking away at your keyboard from across the room. Also, like makeup, having nice clean nails is a sign that you are put-together and professional.

Clipped Nails

2. Go for muted colors like neutrals and pastels. Shades like nude, lilac, mint, and blush are perfect for adding a pop of color to your nails without being obnoxiously bright. We love to use Susie, Jennifer, and Renee!

Mint Nails for Work

3. If you want darker or brighter colors that are still fitting for the office, go for classic colors like navies, greys, blacks, and reds. They’re chic but still ok for meetings and interviews. Pair your red nails with red hot lips for a look that states that you mean business! (But make sure to keep the rest of your outfit neutral).

Navy Nails

4. Go for a classic French manicure. This look never goes out of style and gives an appearance of well-maintained nails (although they might not be but that’s ok!)

The Classic French Manicure

5. A subtle ombre is also a stylish option. While we wouldn’t go with drastic color contrasting or bright colors, having a nice transition between different shades provides a pleasing sight to the eye.

Ombre Nails

Whether you are a polish fanatic (like us!) and committed to being creative with your nails or a gal who likes to keep it simple, there’s a way to keep your nails just the way you like them (almost!) without getting in trouble with your boss.

How do you do your nails for work? Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Jeannie

    These are great tips. I usually stick to reds and pinks on my fingers and leave the bright, glittery, fun colors for my toes.

    What color is that in the third photo? It’s beautiful!

  • Mari

    I would also like to know the brand and color in the third picture, it’s really nice!

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