Julep Core Values

Get in on the ground floor at Julep, a venture-capital funded e-commerce company with skyrocketing growth. We need people who are ready to chart their own course as we build a team of the best in technology, customer support, marketing, merchandising, creative, product management, human resources and more.

Far from your average high-tech e-commerce environment, this fun, energetic office is a place where you can really make an impact. We’re redefining the culture of beauty and making our own rules. Our ever-expanding line of toxin-free nail polishes and other cutting-edge beauty products are just the beginning. Everything we do as a company is grounded in the power of women emboldening other women to be their most vital, beautiful, confident and happy…and to have a lot of fun along the way.

We always assume positive intent. We listen to opposing perspectives with empathy, not just respect. Because we know our contributions will be presumed to be coming from a good place, we are able to speak freely to make every idea the best it can be.

We expect and embrace the discomfort of growth. We view ourselves, each other, and Julep as a whole as “works in progress.” We recognize that evolving as both individuals and as a company is difficult, but we relish the challenge because the payoff is worth it.

We strive to surprise and delight our customers—and our teammates. We deliver unexpected thoughtfulness in every interaction and we make time to celebrate our teammates with the same spirit of fun and care we bring to delighting our customers.

The conversation starts with “What is the right thing to do?” Even though doing the right thing is not always the easiest choice, between viable options, we always choose and act with integrity.

At Julep, we work with creative tenacity. We think differently here. We find a way over, under, or through any obstacles, always striving to be better as individuals and as a company.

We practice gratitude. We are thankful for our customers, shareholders, suppliers, collaborators, and each other. As fast as we move day-to-day, we always strive to find concrete ways to make time and space for gratitude.

We find joy in being scrappy. We will never be corporate fat cats, not us. We’re nimble, out-of-the box thinkers who tackle challenges with fresh perspective and never let “the way it’s always been done” get in the way of a great idea.

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