Booking an Event

Bring your special occasion to Julep and we‘ll help make it memorable. We welcome all gatherings, big and small. Our parlors are designed for group manicures and pedicures, featuring configurable social seating. We‘ve helped our guests celebrate special occasions such as bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events and girlfriend gatherings.

Julep needs to know a few things in order to book your reservation:

  1. Tell us about your party
  2. What is your plan?
  3. How do you want to guarantee your reservation?

  1. 1. Your Party

    Party Packages or Individual Services? We have party packages which can include services, food and beverages and range from $48-$150 per person. Please contact our Group Coordinator to tailor a package to the specific needs of your event.

    Some popular treatments for parties:

    Porch Manicure | $28

    Best 30-minute manicure in town. Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, and massage. Finished with Julep Nail Color.

    Porch Pedicure | $48

    Clean-green foot care. Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, and massage, finished with Julep Nail Color.

    The Julep Manicure | $48

    Pamper hardworking hands. Extended reflexology-based massage, natural oil and sea salt exfoliation, and hydrating paraffin wrap.

    The Julep Pedicure | $74

    Our most popular pedicure! Extended reflexology-based massage, natural oil and sea salt exfoliation, and hydrating paraffin wrap.

  2. 2. Your Plan

    What's the occasion? A Julep party is perfect for bridal parties, baby showers, birthdays, corporate events and more!

    What is your preferred date and time? Second Choice?

    In order to best accommodate your group, we recommend scheduling at least one month ahead of time for large groups or weekend dates. Reserved events may be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the scheduled date and changes to treatments may be made up to one week prior.

    Where do you want to host your party?

    Find the Parlor Location best suited to your plan.

  3. 3. Your Reservation

    • Reservation Requirements:
    • Less than 12 Guests Credit card to guarantee the reservation
    • 12-24 Guests Credit card to guarantee the reservation and a $50 deposit
    • Over 24 Guests Credit card to guarantee the reservation and a $250 deposit

    Call or email us and we'll help you book your party events@julep.com | 877.585.3707 ext. 5

Frequently Asked Questionsn

  • Why is Julep a great place to host a bridal shower?

    Julep was created to enable women to gather and celebrate together. Whether you want to gather a few close friends over pedicures or a larger group of girlfriends for a shower, everything at Julep is designed to welcome you.

  • Is your parlor set up so that I can sit next to my guests?

    Yes! We’ve specially designed our furniture to move around the floor to accommodate groups of different sizes. Every chair is capable of being either a manicure or pedicure station, so regardless of what nail treatment you are receiving, you can sit next to your friends to relax and connect.

  • Do we have to stick to a package or can we each pick individual services?

    We like to give you choices. Your guests are welcome to choose from any of the services listed on our menu. Please note that we apply a 17% gratuity and 3% facility fee for groups of 6 or more. There are additional charges for food and beverages, after-hour parties or guaranteeing exclusive use of the parlor. See our complete set of rules . For parties of 20 or more, custom party packages including a variety of mini-services are available through our Group Coordinator.

  • Can I book out the entire parlor?

    Yes! Please contact our Group Coordinator to discuss a customized proposal to meet the needs of your exclusive event at events@julep.com or 1-877-585-3707 ext. 5.