April Collection

All the products in the April Collection are now available for purchase.

April 2018

Sweet Escape

There’s joy to be found in indulgence, and the April collection goes all in on the “treat yourself” mode of self-care. Because who doesn’t love—and deserve—a little sweetness every now and then?

One of our favorite yummy creations is back with a new & improved recipe. It’s Way Butter. Really! And it’s a real treat.

Our super sweet new polishes are sure to push some candy buttons too.

So go for a sugar spin this month because indulging in something sweet doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

Buttery Goodness

The best treats are as nourishing as they are delicious. Our delightful Way Butter Hydrating Lip Sheer marries color and care in a creamy dream of a tinted lip butter in 8 mouthwatering shades.

Packed with softening Shea Butter and a delectable blend of emollient, antioxidant-rich oils, Way Butter is a treat that treats. With moisturizing Broccoli Seed Oil, collagen-promoting Black Currant Seed Oil, and protective Kahai Oil, it’s like a superfood for your lips—a vanilla-flavored one!

Looking good and feeling good is just a smooth swipe of sheer color away.

Bold Confection

Think cotton candy, mint ice cream, and confetti cake. The bright colors are half the fun. These new polish shades are the stuff of sugar-sweet dreams with shimmery and iridescent finishes as the icing on top.

Candy Coating

A drizzle of caramel, a dunk in melted chocolate, a strawberry glaze—an extra coating of sugar can tie a whole dessert together. These new polishes make any mani extra sweet.

All the products in the April Collection are now available for purchase.