10 Relaxing DIY Recipes for National Bubble Bath Day

10 Relaxing DIY Recipes for National Bubble Bath Day

Guess what: It’s National Bubble Bath Day!

Don’t ask me why this holiday exists. Is there a National Bubble Bath Coalition out there advocating for the relaxing properties of suds and soaks? Do their lobbyists wear towels to work? Is their spokesperson a rubber ducky? Oh, probably not, although it’s a lovely thought. All I know is that this holiday is real, and it’s now.

So if you needed that extra push to close the bathroom door, press play on your Enya CD, and wash your troubles away under a foot of bubbles, tonight’s the night. Any excuse is a good excuse for some good, clean fun in the tub. And here are 10 delicious-smelling DIY ways to celebrate.

But first! Before you soak, remember that while sitting in the bath is great for your soul, it isn’t so great for your nails. So keep that water temp moderate (so you don’t dry out your skin), lotion up after you get out, and keep your fingers and toes out of the water as much as possible. Read a book, drink a glass of wine, or give yourself a scalp massage—anything to keep those fingers out of the water for extended periods of time!

1. Calming Sleepy Time Bubble Bath

You had me at “calming sleepy time.” This DIY bubble bath includes vanilla extract and essential oils for a divine, relaxing scent. (via Hello Natural)

2. Honey Bubble Bath

A lot of bubble bath recipes, like the one above, include glycerin, which can be kind of tough to find (though it’s available at many drug stores). But these soothing DIY bubbles call for only readily available ingredients like baby oil, hand soap, vanilla, and honey (actually those are all the ingredients). Score! (via Live Laugh Rowe)

3. Epsom & Tea Bubbly Bath Soak

What this recipe lacks in inches of bubbles, it makes up with amazing smells and muscle relaxation, thanks to epsom salt, essential oils, and tea bags. Grab a couple more green tea bags while you’re at it, wet them under the faucet, and put them over your eyes while you soak for an eye treatment that reduces inflammation (aka those pesky under-eye bags). (via Savy Naturalista)

4. Cocoa Bath Soak

This bath soak has several body- and mind-relaxing ingredients and basically smells like soaking your body in chocolate milk—in a good way. YES, PLEASE. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Oatmeal and Lavender Bath Soak

Oatmeal is a natural skin soother, while lavender is an instant aromatherapy relaxer. This recipe makes enough for five baths, and you’ll definitely want those repeats. (via Always Order Dessert)

6. Old-Fashioned Bubble Bath

Looking for lots of suds? Then look no further than this classic, customizable recipe, which includes an egg white for stronger, longer-lasting bubbles. (via Real Simple)

7. Mint Mojito Bath Salts

Can’t take a winter getaway to the warm beaches of Mexico? Well, these mint mojito bath salts could be the next best thing. Add an actual mojito in your hand for superior results. (via Hello Natural)

8. Lemon Rosemary Bath Salts

There’s really no limit to the scent combinations you could come up with when it comes to DIY bath salts, but lemon and rosemary are one of my personal combos (in food and aromatherapy), and this recipe uses fresh versions of both, so I’m in! (via Tidy Mom)

9. Ginger Detox Bath Soak

If you’re looking for a way to sweat it out (toxins, cold and flu symptoms, or a general winter malaise), try adding ginger to your bath. It smells amazing, but it feels like a sauna, so be prepared. (via Tried and True Blog)

10. DIY Milk Bath Recipe

If soothing your skin is at the top of your bath wishlist, this recipe is for you. It includes powdered milk to moisturize, baking soda to soften, and corn starch to soothe irritation. Add essential oils of your choice for a heavenly scent experience too. (via The Happier Homemaker)

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!