The Secret’s Out…

by Maria McNamara | 74 Comments

Secret Store

POP QUIZ: What comes with your Maven Box each month?

A. Your new favorite nail colors and beauty obsessions
B. Crinkle paper
C. An invisible key that unlocks a mind-blowingly awesome private sale
D. All of the above & more!

The answer, of course, is D. But I want to talk a little more about C—a fabulous perk you might not know about. (Because, you know, it’s invisible.)

The Secret Store is a monthly online pop-up shop where Mavens can score insane deals (up to 65% off!) on best sellers, cult faves, and goodies from recent collections. Whether you’re looking to kick-start your color stash or feed an existing beauty addiction, the Secret Store is not to be missed. (To help you not miss it, we’ll email you when it opens—usually a few days after Maven Boxes start shipping. Once it’s open, you can also access it from your My Account page.)

Your monthly Maven Box gets you on the VIP list for the next Secret Store—and VIP Mavens get first dibs on everything, including some verrrrry tempting, VIP-exclusive sets. Once the VIP window closes, the Secret Store opens to all Mavens, plus any friends and family you’d like to invite. A couple days later, it disappears into the abyss…until next month.