Introducing Cat Color with Catnip Complex™

by Emily R | 60 Comments

We love color. We love cats. Our cats always get in the way when we’re trying to do our nails… This product idea has been a long time in the making.

Beauty-loving cat owners: Introducing Julep’s new Cat Color with Catnip Complex™. Now you can turn any run-of-the-mill meower’s day into a colorful feline frenzy.


We’ve identified four personality profiles of our furry friends, and built an on-trend Cat Color collection for each one.

Good news: curiosity won’t kill these cats — like all Julep polish, Cat Color is non-toxic.

The four Style Prrrofiles are:

#1 — Asleep 


Does your kitty take the “20 hours of rest and relaxation each day” to brave new heights? Does she lie down to eat? Can she growl, purr, beckon, or shoo without lifting her head from your pillow?

If these traits ring a bell, your cat’s style is ASLEEP.

Asleep’s profile colors are generally calm and cool. Plenty of soothing blues.


#2 — Glamourpuss


A Glamourpuss grooms all day. Picky eaters, this kitty is happy with holistic, grain-free, pureed pâté, no more than one day old. Certain water bowls are favored over others, but a (clean!) sink whose faucet is allowed to continuously run is preferable.

All Glamourpuss colors are multidimensional glitters.


#3 — So Hungry


Do you have a kitty who wakes you up in the morning to show you the way to the food bowl? She eats chips. Licks butter. Occasionally sits atop the refrigerator and growls. Has surprisingly dexterous paws and knows how to open cupboards. Don’t worry, you aren’t neglecting sweet kitty-face. Your cat is just SO HUNGRY. 

So Hungry colors are neon to help kitty find her feet.


And the Cat Color Style Prrrfile that needs little explanation:


Psycho Kitty looms over your face while you sleep because Psycho Kitty doesn’t sleep… He waits.  He entices you to pet the belly and then claws at you for obeying. This cat hates air and takes dangerous-looking swipes at it. And like the singing frog from old cartoons, not one of your friends has witnessed Psycho Kitty doing something sweet and adorable (but he is sweet. Promise!).

The color palette for Psycho Kitty is 100% bright to help you see the claws when they’re a’comin.


What…. You think we’re kitten around here?


Happy April Fool’s Day to all of you from all of us at Julep!

Special shout out to Favorite, Maxi, Victor, and Hitch! Meow meow.