Introducing Cat Color with Catnip Complex™

by Emily R | 60 Comments

We love color. We love cats. Our cats always get in the way when we’re trying to do our nails… This product idea has been a long time in the making.

Beauty-loving cat owners: Introducing Julep’s new Cat Color with Catnip Complex™. Now you can turn any run-of-the-mill meower’s day into a colorful feline frenzy.


We’ve identified four personality profiles of our furry friends, and built an on-trend Cat Color collection for each one.

Good news: curiosity won’t kill these cats — like all Julep polish, Cat Color is non-toxic.

The four Style Prrrofiles are:

#1 — Asleep 


Does your kitty take the “20 hours of rest and relaxation each day” to brave new heights? Does she lie down to eat? Can she growl, purr, beckon, or shoo without lifting her head from your pillow?

If these traits ring a bell, your cat’s style is ASLEEP.

Asleep’s profile colors are generally calm and cool. Plenty of soothing blues.


#2 — Glamourpuss


A Glamourpuss grooms all day. Picky eaters, this kitty is happy with holistic, grain-free, pureed pâté, no more than one day old. Certain water bowls are favored over others, but a (clean!) sink whose faucet is allowed to continuously run is preferable.

All Glamourpuss colors are multidimensional glitters.


#3 — So Hungry


Do you have a kitty who wakes you up in the morning to show you the way to the food bowl? She eats chips. Licks butter. Occasionally sits atop the refrigerator and growls. Has surprisingly dexterous paws and knows how to open cupboards. Don’t worry, you aren’t neglecting sweet kitty-face. Your cat is just SO HUNGRY. 

So Hungry colors are neon to help kitty find her feet.


And the Cat Color Style Prrrfile that needs little explanation:


Psycho Kitty looms over your face while you sleep because Psycho Kitty doesn’t sleep… He waits.  He entices you to pet the belly and then claws at you for obeying. This cat hates air and takes dangerous-looking swipes at it. And like the singing frog from old cartoons, not one of your friends has witnessed Psycho Kitty doing something sweet and adorable (but he is sweet. Promise!).

The color palette for Psycho Kitty is 100% bright to help you see the claws when they’re a’comin.


What…. You think we’re kitten around here?


Happy April Fool’s Day to all of you from all of us at Julep!

Special shout out to Favorite, Maxi, Victor, and Hitch! Meow meow. 

  • SpasByStarla – Christina

    actually those lids would be super cute to sell as an extra 🙂 🙂

    • Sarah Dunham


  • Hannah C.

    Haha! I love it.

  • Best April Fool ever!

  • sirven

    You can actually get colored kitty caps at the pet store. We use them religiously on our big guy Sammy (his are blue ATM) they are the best alternative to declawing. They are safe and painless.

    • Stephanie Shell

      Do they come off when they grow out and hurt kitties nails or do you cut the nails as they grow

      • Texas Girl loves Beauty

        As the claw grows and sheds the outer layer of the claw, the cap will fall off with it. Then you trim if needed to ensure caps fit comfortably. Then apply. We have a very finicky. We decided on caps over having her declawed. She refuses to use a cat specific scratching item. They work and other than being mad that she is being held while we mess with her feet, they is not even discomfort m if the cat has a damaged or injured claw, I’d say wait until it’s grown out healthy before recapping the claws.

  • Natalia Lopez


  • Priscilla Martin

    I’d love to have those bottles though, they’re super cute!

    • Jan J

      me too! Im disappointed now

  • Gen Duchesne

    I was actually really excited about this!!! You guys should really make this happen!!♥

  • Joanna Tierno

    LOL- Thanks for the laugh! My cats want Julep too 😉

  • Virginia

    OMG! I believed it too! You should of seen my face!!!! >.<

  • zanalee zee


  • Lisa Cookston

    I want the lids! But Excellent April Fool’s! You Got Me!

  • Amanda Harris

    Any other cat owners wishing this were real?

    • Julie Ann Keene-Roppolo

      HAHA! Exactly! Guess what I’m doing when I get home?

    • Kimberly Kwiatkowski-Thompson

      I was hoping!!

    • Jan J

      Hell yes! I wanted them!!

  • Haha totally fell for it, with mouth wide open in confusion lol!!

  • Kim

    this and last years, totally classic, loved it lol

  • chpielme

    can those lids be a thing?

  • ShannonJ

    And here I thought someone over there had completely lost their mind! The caps ARE cute though!

  • Okay…you got me there. I was sitting here with my mouth hanging open…lol

  • Dani E Boire

    Yep, you got me. I was over here like “They really lost their marbles now.” Good one Julep 🙂

  • Kim Null

    Those lids are soo cute! I’d have to order one of those

  • Serina Sophia Denkins

    I dont even like cats and i want these!!!!!!!

  • The Glamourpuss model looks like my George! Now I’m thinking of giving her a mani/pedi…

    • Please do Sherri! Can’t wait to see a picture 🙂

  • Love this joke and totally agree about the caps needing to be a thing.

  • hellzap0ppin

    i’m so disappointed that this isn’t real! xD

  • Heather Beers

    The lids are so adorable!!!!!

  • Good one Julep 🙂 I seriously love those caps!

  • Sandy Bingaman

    Absolutely, hands down the best April Fool’s I have seen today:)

  • Cristina Hernandez

    I’m not a Julep Maven because I am incapable of painting my own nails and make a mess everytime I try. But I actually clicked on the email and was gonna purchase these adorable kitty polishes, I just couldn’t resist! Until I got to the end of the blog, well played Julep you totally got me! ! 😀

    • Hi Christina, Have you heard of our new Julep Plie Wand? This would be perfect for you! *Hint it’s coming in the April Maven Box 🙂

    • Veronica Davidovich

      An odd tip a friend gave me was to paint Elmer’s Glue (or whatever brand like it) around your fingers and stuff; let it dry, paint then peel the glue off. I haven’t tried it yet, but I used to be messy and off too. I say keep practicing. 🙂

  • ASM

    Julep if this was real, I would buy all of it LMAO

  • Angie Babbitt

    I really really reallly want those caps!! So sad when I remembered what day it was!

  • Elaine Spencer

    These polishes would look great on your dressing table,I know this was an April fools joke,but those bottles with the cats on are so cute,you could do a special collection with them on.

  • Zadidoll

    Those cat caps may be a joke but those caps need to be made!

  • Jessica Mathieson

    I actually would have gotten one of these for my kitten!! hahah I think he still might get a mani/pedi, but sadly, the polish won’t have cat nip in it. Good one, Julep!

  • Gail Mohrbacker

    Those caps ARE adorable!! I would purchase them if you made them.

  • Olivia Lucas

    sigh. I wish this were real.

  • Veronica Davidovich

    As an April Fool born baby, I’ve seen too much to fall for much. STILL… I *was* a little “Duhwut?” getting the email on this, lol! I think my cats are somewhere between ‘Asleep’ and ‘So Hungry’… how much will these Meowven boxes be per month, and what other catmetic extras will be included?

  • marcy

    too cute

  • Lisa Cabrales-Foster

    I love these cat tops… You have to let at least the mavens ( the committed ones) have them. They are georgeous.. I want the cat tops and the nail polish. Make them

    • catsinjax

      Love the pic of your cat too. Looks a lot my like daughter’s cat. Her’s is a lavender lynx Ragdoll. Wonderful cat and super smart. 🙂

  • Aislyn Abraham

    I was actually about to get out my credit card to buy these until I saw the rest of the post.
    Please make these caps a real thing!

    As others have said, if you sel bottles that look like these I will buy the whole collection. Seriously. Maybe as a set for the holidays?pleeease?

  • Janis Madsen

    I just want the bottle

  • Mrsjacobs

    Wow. Not funny and I’m really sad now. Cats and nail polish are my two favorite things. And you would have made a ton of money off of me.

    • catsinjax

      Same here. I would buy every single bottle with a cat lid! I love my cats and I love collecting everything with a cat on it! Please make these lids!! I would really raise your profits in this company. Tons of us are cat overs, as you can see from all the posts!

  • Sarah Skibiski

    I was actually excited about those lids until I realized the date of the blog post.

  • You should sell polish with those lids regardless!! They’re so freaking cute.

  • Kia Pollard

    So, there’s no nail polishes with the cat toppers? *lip quivers*

  • RedSarah12

    This was the best April Fool’s Day joke!

  • Beauty Follower

    NIce bottle design!

  • jennroma

    Psycho Kitty? Qu’ est-ce que c’est? Hahahaha, cute April Fools joke!

  • FabFashionology

    I was crushed to see this as April fools joke! I loved the lids and the profiles…Could do one cat for each regular maven and attach the cat profile to it. So classic with a twist goes with So Hungry and BoHo go with Asleep, etc. Just a thought!lol And could branch out into other animals or better beauty related makeup tools,cosmetics like blush,balm,shadow that open with matching color of nail polish! If you use this I want to be part of it… exciting!

  • Masqphan

    I wish the bottles were real. They’d be adorable and sell like crazy.