Bradley Cooper Taught Me How to Wear Bronzer

by Emily R | 2 Comments

I don’t wear face makeup. No powder, no foundation, no blush. I love the idea of bronzer, but I’ve never known how to apply it. With the recent launch of Julep’s Glow, I decided it was time.

I started by cruising the net for well-bronzed celebs. But it’s tough to figure out where bronzer ends and blush, highlighter, and/or foundation begin. Women like Kim Kardashian have makeup application down to an intimidating (to me) science:


I don’t aspire to master this art à la KimYe—I just want to wear bronzer and feel fabulous doing it.

In my search for bronzed faces unaccompanied by other cosmetics, Bradley Cooper popped up, and I was suddenly very inspired by his sun-kissed glow. Or maybe I was making up reasons to stare at him.

To wit:


Does this not scream “fresh from a weekend in Palm Springs”?


Looks like somebody spent all summer lifeguarding at the pool.


“Been in my garden a lot this spring.”

My search is over. If sun-kissed glow is what I’m after, Bradley Cooper is my bronzer muse.


For my ideal kiss of sun, I’m subscribing to the “3” method. Sweep the bronzer from forehead, to cheekbone, to jaw line, in the shape of the number 3. Voila! I’ve got that fresh-from-Palm-Springs glow too.

The crop top trend is in full swing this season. On board without a washboard? Contour! Bradley shows us how:


Highlight where the sun hits, bronze in the shadow. Then throw your hands in the air, little miss core strength – you are ab-tastic.

Have bronzer tips or Bradley Cooper stories to share? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments!