Cat Eyes with Kajal

by Emily R | 7 Comments

I was curious to see if our new easy-to-use Kajal Eye Glider would be a good fit with Preen’s seemingly easy-to-do cat eye tutorial. So I grabbed a coworker, and a Kajal from Product Development, and we gave it a shot. Here’s my colleague’s attempt:

She makes it look so easy... Oh wait, it really is. Thank you, Kajal!

She makes it look so easy… Oh wait, it really is. Thank you, Kajal!

This gorgeous cat eye job? I’m happy to report–it was a piece of cake. Preen’s brilliant tutorial walked us through the top lid only–but our Kajal’s super soft formula is so simple to work with, we attempted to add the bottom line on our own. Aaaand we both nailed it.

Kajal is great for a bunch of eye looks including (or, especially?) tightlining. Our own Maria & Natasha teamed up and put together a great explanation of various eyelines plus a step-by-step of tightlining that’ll have you feeling ready to work at a cosmetics counter after your first try. That post is here. 

As far as versatile eye looks go, the Kajal Eye Glider is a singularly inspirational tool. Honestly though, in regards to this excellent eye pencil, and with the change of seasons upon us, I’m personally feeling most inspired by the fact that we’ve created a beauty product that mimics the formula women have used for centuries—from Africa to India, Asia and beyond. Kajal carries with it a deep sense of connection–and around here, that’s what we’re all about.

Connect with us! Have any great looks you like to do with Kajal?



  • carol-ann ausberry

    Hold back with the nailpolishes for 2 months and send cosmetics only. Thanx

  • wanda

    The perfect eyeliner is truly hard to find! One that doesn’t smudge, etc. i hate getting a liner & when you start to use it, you have to use enough pressure that it pulls your eyelid, or it’s so soft you’re inthe middle of the line & the whole tip breaks off & you wind up with a mess! A great tool, but frusyrating if it’s not the ri ght one. Im anxious to see how this one stacks up! If it measures up to the other awesome products, it’ll be heavenly!! Can hardly wait!!!!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Wanda! Keep us posted.

  • Hi Emily,

    Glad you liked our tutorial, there are tens of thousands of more looks with tutorials on the Preen.Me site you should checkout.

    We would also invite you to upload your own looks to Preen.Me! The best looks uploaded by Preen.Me artists each millions of beauty addicts fans every week!

    • Emily

      Hi Preen! We’re big fans over here. Keep up the AWESOME work!

  • Thank you for the wonderful, seasonal makeup fashion tips. The lining technique with the new pencil will spice up my routine.

    I’m a new Maven who just started a mission-based business, and being part of Julep has given me a much needed positive diversion. I’m also excited about having an easy way to keep my look current.

    Looking forward to future boxes, and getting pushed out of my fashion rut more often!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Lynn! Welcome to the Maven family. =)