Celebrate! Party’s Over

Step 1: Open packette and place an aloe vera-infused pad on nail  Step 2: Cover with nail cap. (Use large caps for thumbs) Sit back and relax for 3-5 minutes Final: Squeeze and pull to remove cap and pad. Use pad to wipe off any leftover glitter. Get Party's Over for $19.99 with promo code PARTYTIME. Buy it now here!

Purple, Green & Gold: 8 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Makeup

Happy Mardi Gras! It’s Fat Tuesday, and even if you’re not in New Orleans to celebrate, there are still lots of ways to incorporate the spirit of the party into your spring look. In fact, the official colors of the holiday---purple, green and gold—are perfect for adding some fashion-forward fun to your makeup or manicure. Why purple, green and gold? The official Mardi Gras colors date back to 1872, when King Rex selected them as a way to celebrate the guest of honor, Russian Grand Duke Alexis... Read More

Easy Breezy Sweetheart Nails DIY

Step 1: Apply two coats of Carrie to four fingers leaving your chosen accent nail bare. Step 2: Apply two coats of hope to your accent nail and let completely dry. Step 3: Using a toothpick, dot your favorite colors in the shape of a heart. We used Carrie and Charlotte. Final: Once it's dry finish with top coat. We love super-shiny Freedom Polymer Top Coat.  

An Intro to Eye Sheens (& Some Inspiration Too!)

Julep Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow

Mavens, meet one of your new February products. It's a fun one! Playing around with our new Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadows reminded me of painting with watercolors when I was a kid. But whereas layering a bunch of watercolors would inevitably result in a dingy, greyish mess (or at least it always did for me), every combination of Eye Sheens resulted in a super-chic new eye look. Basically, it's impossible not to feel like an artistic genius when you're working with them, because every configuration... Read More

New Year, New Nails: #JulepNails101

  Starting off the year with a fresh new you is important, so let’s not let your fingers fall by the wayside. Your hands work hard for you every day, and it’s time to give them a little TLC. Open enrollment to our First Class of the Year: Julep Nails 101. We’ve invited in three of our model students, who have nails that need attention-stat, to help us with examples and pictures to get your hands into tip-top shape! Meet Lisa, Kayla & Sara   We sent them a care package to help them... Read More

Beauty Resolutions

Let's make 2014 your most beautiful year yet! We've taken some of the most popular New Year's resolutions and added a Julep twist. Resolution #1: Spend your money wisely. Want to pinch pennies with freshly polished pointer fingers? Skip the nail salon --- DIY manicures are the way! We made a quick-and-easy plan for salon-quality results at home here. Tools for success: Mind Your Mani, Well-Manicured Kit. Resolution #2: Travel. Your passport needs stamps. Your toes want sand between them. It's time... Read More

DIY Mani Perfection

Step 1. Pick your shape & file. Make sure your nails are dry. Wet nails can split when filing. Pick your shape---round, almond, square, oval, squoval, stiletto... Or you can mirror the shape of your cuticle for an always-on-trend elegant curve. PRO TIP: Always file from the outer edges of your nail toward the center in one direction. No back-and-forth filing---it promotes splitting and peeling. Step 2. Cuticles. Gently push your cuticles back, and trim any hangnails. Don’t clip your cuticles---we... Read More

Day & Night Looks with Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals

 Hello, Maven! It pays to click through to the blog… Not only are you getting a sneak peek of our new Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals in action, you're now officially the first to hear about December's featured add-on tool -- the Julep Eyeshadow Brush. Extremely soft bristles (yes, synthetic) and a great dome shape. We're obsessed! Day look    For both eye looks in this tutorial you'll need: Sweep Eye Palette: Neutrals brown eyeliner & black eyeliner (we used our double-sided Kajal Eye... Read More

DIY- Pumpkin Decorating

Carving pumpkins was so last year, and the year before that .... and the year before that! Yes, carving pumpkins brings back that feeling of nostalgia and to our youth, but have you forgotten the mess it leaves? Those pumpkin guts and seeds get stuck to everything! We thought it was time for a change. We've found our favorite pumpkin decorating ideas that are chic, stylish, easy to do, and best of all- GUTS FREE! Pumpkin Decorating 2.0- Grab the girls, a glass of wine, pop a Halloween classic movie... Read More

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