Mani-Cam Round-Up: Our 8 Fave Nail Looks from the Oscars Red Carpet

It’s all about the details on Oscar night. We already shared the stars who wowed us with their gowns, hair and makeup, and now it’s time to celebrate those gorgeous manicures! Could your new favorite spring nail look be on the list? Lupita Nyong’o Just like her acceptance speech, Lupita’s custom pale blue Prada gown was total perfection—perfection that she somehow made more perfect with a light pink manicure, which enhanced the fresh, airy vibe of her look without overshadowing it. Take... Read More

How to Throw an Oscar Party

Every February, my whole family has fun planning our annual Oscars party. Although I’d love to invite everyone, we’re limited by the physical space constraints of our house. Instead, I thought I’d share our family secrets on how to throw an Oscars party. Also seen here on Pretty Impressed! 1. Make your theme colors Black & Gold–plates, tablecloths and chargers. 2. Oscar statutes everywhere! Mine are just $1.70 each at Oddly, my order last year came with a complimentary... Read More

Cat Eyes with Kajal

I was curious to see if our new easy-to-use Kajal Eye Glider would be a good fit with Preen's seemingly easy-to-do cat eye tutorial. So I grabbed a coworker, and a Kajal from Product Development, and we gave it a shot. Here's my colleague's attempt: This gorgeous cat eye job? I'm happy to report--it was a piece of cake. Preen's brilliant tutorial walked us through the top lid only--but our Kajal's super soft formula is so simple to work with, we attempted to add the bottom line on our own. Aaaand... Read More

How to give yourself the BEST Manicure

Jane shares her secrets and tricks of the trade so that YOU can get the same long lasting manicure that we offer in our parlors. [youtube value="BQaOwVl3TsU"]   Step 1: Have the right tools ready Step 2: Moisturizing your hands Step 3: Clean your nails with polish remover Step 4: File your nails Step 5: Apply base coat Step 6: Choose your color and apply two coats Step 7: Apply top coat   <!-- Start of DoubleClick Floodlight Tag: Please do not remove Activity name of this tag: Blog URL... Read More

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