Day & Night Looks with Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals

by Emily R | 10 Comments

 Hello, Maven! It pays to click through to the blog… Not only are you getting a sneak peek of our new Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals in action, you’re now officially the first to hear about December’s featured add-on tool — the Julep Eyeshadow Brush. Extremely soft bristles (yes, synthetic) and a great dome shape. We’re obsessed!

Day look 


For both eye looks in this tutorial you’ll need:
Sweep Eye Palette: Neutrals
brown eyeliner & black eyeliner (we used our double-sided Kajal Eye Glider)
Julep Eyeshadow Brush
placement brush
smudge brush (if you have one — no biggie if not)

Placing Tiramisu

Step 1
Start with Sweep color Tiramisu on your Julep Eyeshadow Brush, and place it from the inner corner of your eye to the center, from the lash line to the crease.


Step 2
Next, apply Sweep color Glow. Move in upward strokes from the center of your lash line to the outer corner (or vice versa), just past the crease, and blend it in a circular motion.

PRO TIP: Concentrate color at lash line and pull up towards crease.

(Our makeup artist says “this Julep Eyeshadow Brush is perfect for seamless blending.”)



Step 3
Apply brown liner across the entire lash line (we’re using the Brown Shimmer end of our double-sided Kajal Eye Glider), hugging very close to lashes, from the inner corner to outer edge.


Locking liner in place with shadow

Step 4
Using a small smudge brush (a placement brush also works) put a little bit of Sweep color Cocoa on the brush. Concentrate the powder against the lash line from the center to the outer corner of the eye to hold your liner in place.

Optional Step 5 (not pictured)
Using your brown liner, or Cocoa, or Glow, or any combination of these, add a touch of color on the outer corner of bottom lid. Start at outside edge of your eye and pull in across your lower lash line. We used our Kajal Brown Shimmer and a touch of Sweep color Cocoa.

Top off with your favorite mascara and you’re good to go.


Evening look

final Hello, evening. 

Generous liner application

Generous liner application

Step 1
Using a black eyeliner (we used the Carbon Black side of our double-ended Kajal Eye Glider), generously line above your lashes starting at the center of your lash line, moving toward the outer edge of eye. Repeat the motion starting at your inner eye and moving toward center, so that your entire lash line is fully covered.


3_smudge_linerStep 2
Using your placement brush or finger, blur out the liner in upward strokes toward the crease of your eye.
Note: that’s just liner on the brush, no shadow.

Step 3
Using your placement brush, dust your entire lid–staying below the crease–with Sweep color Cocoa.



Step 4
Highlight your center lid by tapping on Sweep color Dusk just below the crease.



Step 5
Highlight your inner eye and crease by tapping on Sweep color Toffee.


Eye-Diagram_3Step 6
Line your upper & lower waterlines (see diagram) with black liner. We used our Kajal Eye Glider in Carbon Black.



Step 7
Using a smudger, brush Sweep color Toffee beneath your eye against the lash line. Moving in either direction is fine—whichever is more comfortable for you.

Finish with your favorite mascara.

p.s. Try to be gentle on all those hearts you might break.



  • Ramsha

    LOL so happy I’ve been stalking this page for a while, finally got the December sneak peak!

  • Tasha

    I’m excited! I love the idea of neutrals… hoping some have glitter in them and not all are matte. Can’t really tell a lot from the photos.

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  • Jisann

    Hooray! I cannot wait 🙂
    It looks pigmented enough to show up well on dark skin also.
    The perfect palette for work and after work functions.


  • Erin

    Pretty please offer the eyeliner as an add on, too!!!

  • Pamela Connell

    It’s been SOO… LONG since I wore AnY kind of make-up, I ThInK I NEED a refresher course!!

  • Kim

    Is there time to post what this kit looks like on other skin tones? I LOVE that you post swatches on fair and darker skin, so I’m kind of wondering what this shadow kit would look like on olive and darker brown skin…

  • Amber

    I just tried this and it did not turn out like the picture. I followed the steps exactly and did not come out as it should it’s still pretty but not the same. After you put on the eye liner and blur it out and then add the cocoa I did not turn out dark like this the cocoa made it a little lighter so I had to change out what colors to use first to get the look as close as possible. I’m learning how to apply my makeup better but for some reason no matter if I follow the steps exactly it never turns out right on me 🙁

  • Miriam Marcus

    Love both the day look and the night. Thanks for taking the time to walk us through the steps so that we don’t get lost along the way. I think I can do both with some practice! Power on eye makeup!

  • Connie Perry

    Do you use the same color palette for all eye colors?