DIY Mani Tutorial: A (Citrus) Slice of Life

by Kris Redmond | 4 Comments

Introducing Kris Redmond! We’re thrilled to have Kris, one of our all-star Mavens share this first (of hopefully many!) nail tutorial with you. She is a pro at nail art, so we couldn’t be more excited to have her here to share her tips. Who knew such beautiful nail art could be so easy? Check out more of her amazing designs here. Now let’s hand this over to Kris! xo, Kate from Julep

Warm weather means it’s time for refreshing, fruity beverages. You can channel your favorite slice of citrus with this easy half-moon mani.

I chose an orange, but you could easily create a lemon, a lime, or even a grapefruit! I love a half-moon because it looks great on both short and long nails.


 Here’s what you’ll need to create this juicy summer mani:

TOOLS: Plié Wand and the Plié Wand Creativity Kit featuring the dotting tool and striping brush

COLORS: I used Kaylen (Boho Glam) and Eileen (Classic with a Twist), plus base coat and top coat.

You could also create this look with a combination of Brigitte (Classic with a Twist) and any orange shade, like Marjorie (It Girl) or Princess Grace (It Girl), or try a little twist by doing a lemon or lime with Lilou (Bombshell) or Tatum (Bombshell).


1. Once you’ve applied your base coat, add two coats of Eileen to your ring and middle fingers and two coats of Kaylen (three coats if you want it to look extra squishy) to your other fingers. Give your nails some time to dry before moving on to the next step. Ta Da! drops work great to move this process along!


2. Pour a few drops of Kaylen onto a piece of foil or paper plate. Use the Plié Wand striping brush to trace a half-moon shape along the bottom third of your nail and then fill it in.


3. After giving your half-moon shape some time to dry, pour a few drops of Eileen onto your foil or plate. Use the Plié Wand striping brush to trace a thin line following the outer edge of your half-moon slice. Then, add four thin diagonal lines to create your wedges.


4. Pour a few more drops of Eileen onto your foil or plate, if needed. Use your Plié Wand dotting tool to create a small dot by your cuticle and then add two smaller dots on either side to connect your four diagonal lines. The key here is not to dip the whole dotting tool into the polish—you only want a teeny dot!


5. Finish with a top coat.


Once your fresh new mani is dry, go grab your favorite drink and enjoy the weekend! And, of course, show us your citrus slice nails!