5 Fun DIY Ways to Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

One of the first things to consider when you get engaged is which girlfriends you’d like to ask to help you during your wedding planning process, and to stand beside you as you celebrate on the big day.

Asking your favorite girls to be a part of your bridal party is an exciting chance to share how much you care, and to give each bridesmaid her first glimpse at what an awesome bride you are going to be—and what a beautiful wedding you will throw!

While a heartfelt card and a hug will mean the world to your future bridesmaids, there are lots of fun, easy, and unique DIY ways you can turn your bridesmaid proposal into an unforgettable moment. Here are five of our favorite DIY ways to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Unraveling Ribbon Roll


They’ll be there to make sure you don’t unravel. This adorable project adds a fun element of surprise to the  asking process, and it couldn’t be easier to do. To create the rolls, all you need is a wooden or plastic spool for each bridesmaid, a yard of pretty fabric (more or less, depending on your number of bridesmaids), and a Sharpie or fabric pen. Present each roll in a pretty box with a note that reads, “unravel me,” and watch each girl’s face as she unrolls it and figures out what it says—with camera ready, of course.

Image/Full DIY: Bridal Musings

Personalized Hangers


This present will come in handy when all your girls are gathered in your bridal suite with their dresses in tow, especially if you’re planning on identical bridesmaid dresses. There will never be any confusion about whose dress is whose! Buy a set of wooden hangers and write each girl’s name in elegant calligraphy, or use letter stamps. When it’s time to pop the question, tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the hanger (in one of your wedding colors?) and present it with a nice card.

Image/Full DIY: Once Wed

Mad Libs


It’s more than a card—it’s a fun little story with an exciting surprise at the end! We love the way you can totally personalize this project to suit each individual bridesmaid and your relationship with her. You can make the same card for each bridesmaid and fill it out before you send it to her, or flip the tables and write a Mad Lib for her to fill out (just make sure the request at the end is crystal clear). Whether you grew up together or just have a playful relationship with your girls, this card is sure to make her smile, and then say “of course!”

Image: Cami’s Paperie

Personalized Wine Labels


It’s time to celebrate! You get to pop the question, and she gets to pop the cork. This project is perfect for the bride with an artistic side. But even if you don’t know Photoshop or feel up to drawing your own labels, you can still create this darling DIY with a cute photo of you and your bridesmaid and a pretty font that pops the question and displays your wedding date. Buy a bottle of sparkling wine for each bridesmaid, print your labels on a color printer, and decoupage your way to an unforgettable (and delicious) keepsake.

Image: Bespoke Bride

Bridesmaid Survival Kit


The greatest part of this DIY is that you can fully personalize it to fit each bridesmaid and your wedding theme. For this project, the bride used cardboard craft boxes, but you could also go the quirky route with vintage lunch boxes, or the classic route with clean wooden boxes or patterned hat boxes. Print “Will you be my…” on the top of the box, or write it on a tag and tie the tag around the box with ribbon.

A few ideas for what to include in your bridesmaid survival kits: “bridesmaid” tee or tank; mini champagne bottle; personalized champagne flute; bottle opener; a handkerchief (for the happy tears); a piece of jewelry she can wear with her bridesmaid dress; lip gloss; swatches of your wedding color palette; a note with all the important dates leading up to your wedding; instructions on where to buy her dress and shoes; and, of course, the perfect nail polish shade to match!

Image/Full DIY: Something Turquoise