25 Unique, Easy, and Awesome DIY Wedding Favors

by Meghan Carlson | 6 Comments

Wedding favors are a tricky tradition to get right. You want to show appreciation to your guests for attending your special day, but you also don’t want to spend a bundle on top of all your other wedding expenses, or send them home with something forgettable they’ll just end up throwing away.

Thankfully, we live in an age when brilliant crafters and DIY queens rule the internet (and get married along the way), and who are full of great ideas for wedding favors that are easy, affordable, and unforgettable. Here are 25 ideas for awesome wedding favors you can make yourself—and that your guests will actually want:


Favors for snacking:


1. A take-home bar of tasty treats


Source: A Handcrafted Wedding

Send your guests off with a baggie full of tasty treats, presented at a convenient (and adorable) self-serving station, so everyone gets exactly what they want. Candy makes a fun, nostalgic statement, but there’s almost no end to the types of foods you could use. Some ideas: cookies, popcorn, nuts, or granola.

2. Custom fortune cookies

Image source

Source: A Subtle Revelry

Buy fortune cookies in bulk online or at your local World Market and use tweezers to remove the old fortunes and replace them with a mix of your own messages, personalized for your wedding.

3. Local bounty

Image source

Source: Apple Brides

Give guests a taste of the local flavor with a jar of honey or jam from a nearby farm or a box of local fresh fruit. Buy in bulk directly from a farm or business that uses local ingredients, or go to the farmer’s market and make your own!

4. Pie in a jar

Image source

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Four small words that lead to infinite happiness: pie in a jar. If you love to bake, you and your bridesmaids will have a blast making these mini mason jar pies for your guests—delicious and cost-effective! Perfect for a country wedding.

5. Spice it up

Image source

Source: Snixy Kitchen

Dry ingredients like infused salt, sugar, or homemade barbeque rub make a thoughtful, useful, and affordable gift for your guests. Bonus points if you incorporate the flavors into your wedding menu in some way, so they’re really taking home a little slice of the party.

6. S’more fixings


Source: A Vote and a Vow

These favors would be so sweet for a relaxed backyard wedding, especially if the after-party includes a camp fire.

7. Mints

Image source

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Buy tins of mints in bulk, and make your own labels, complete with a just-corny-enough pun about a marriage that’s “mint to last” or love being a “breath of fresh air.” (It’s your wedding! You can be as corny as you want.)

8. Infused spirits or oil

Image source

Source: Pepper Design Blog

Add a special kick to individual bottles of olive oil, vodka, or honey with your flavor infusion of choice. You can even include a recipe idea or two on the tag, so your guests can go home inspired.


Favors for sipping:


9. Custom tea or coffee bags

Image source

Source: Ruffled

Let them know that “love is brewing” with some take-home bags of tea or coffee. Buy in bulk, then assemble in custom-stamped bags, or make personalized stickers showing your names and wedding date and seal the bags that way.

10. Cocktail fixings


Source: PR Wedding Planner

Serving a signature cocktail at your reception? Consider sending your guests home with a delicious nightcap in the form of a make-your-own cocktail gift. For a mojito, you could include a mini bottle of liquor, fresh mint, a couple sugar cubes, a muddler, the drink recipe, and a cocktail or shot glass.

11. Coasters


Source: Go Modern Vintage

Using square tiles and the paper of your choice, you can create these customized coasters that can double as reception table decorations and your wedding favors. This bride and her husband-to-be use old maps to show all the different places they’d traveled together—so sweet.


Favors that bloom:


12. Succulents or herbs


Source: Weddings by Lilly

Affordable, beautiful, and incredibly sturdy, small succulents make great wedding favors, especially when you plant them in little pots, add tags, and make them pull double duty as your escort cards. You could also use small potted flowers or herbs for this same purpose.

13. Bud vases

Image source

Source: Project Wedding

These charming, modern bud vases were created using small wooden blocks and clear glass test tubes. Add a few small flowers to each vase, affix a tag, and you’ve just taken care of your favors, escort cards, and lovely table decorations in one shot.

14. Seeds

Image source

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Using minimal and incredibly cost-effective supplies, you can encourage your guests to “watch love grow” with these DIY wildflower seed paper packets. Perfect for a rustic garden wedding.


Favors for the home:


15. Birdseed hearts

Image source

Source: Intimate Weddings

Thank your guests (and treat the birds!) with these inexpensive, adorable birdseed heart tree ornaments. Just make sure you have enough time to make them only a couple days ahead of the wedding, since they may mold if you make them weeks ahead.

16. Candles

Image source

Source: Ruffled

We love this DIY candle tutorial because it uses recycled materials and natural ingredients, and it’s budget-friendly. Plus, you can tweak the recipe to include your own favorite fragrance(s), and use whatever containers you want, from mason jars to vintage teacups.

17. Soap


Source: FabYouBliss

Similar to candles, soap is easy to make, affordable, and wide-open for personalization from the scents and additions you use (like dried herbs, coffee, or flowers), to the molds you use, to the packaging you wrap it in.

18. Sachets


Source: Intimate Weddings

If you own a sewing machine and don’t mind spending some quality time with it, you can create these sweet-smelling sachets on the super-cheap, using vintage or thrifted fabric and dried lavender.

19. Matchbooks


Source: Style Me Pretty

Small, lightweight, and undeniably useful, DIY matchbooks are a great favor, especially if you’re going for a retro cocktail party vibe for your reception.

20. A ‘mixtape’


Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Send them home with a soundtrack! Burn CDs full of your favorite love songs, songs that were important in your relationship, or the key songs from your ceremony and reception, and create your own sleeves that include a track listing and a message of thanks for your guests.

21. Magnets

Image source

Source: Intimate Weddings

These adorable little magnets would make great wedding favors, especially if your reception includes a photo booth, so your guests can take home a little magnet to display their fun photographic memento on the fridge at home.


Favors for enjoying at the wedding (and after!):


22. Sunglasses


Source: Style Me Pretty

OK, so they’re not strictly “DIY,” but we couldn’t pass up the idea of offering your guests an assortment of colorful sunglasses at a bright and shiny summer wedding, and you could make this into a DIY by adding a design or decorations to each pair. Your photographer is sure to capture all sorts of fun moments thanks to these babies.

23. Noisemakers


Source: Once Wed

Want a whimsical ceremony? Add audience participation! This crafty bride used stamps to personalize a tambourine for each guest, and included instructions for singing and playing along to a special song during the ceremony. Guaranteed warm ‘n’ fuzzies.

24. Confetti


Source: Weddingomania

Bring on the sparkle! Create these mini confetti bags so your guests can shower you with joy after the ceremony. Confetti is the best when it’s floating through the air, but it can be a pain to clean up, so just make sure to check with your venue first.

25. Scratch tickets


Source: Wedding Bee

Who doesn’t love scratch tickets? With minimal effort, and the chance of a big reward, these favors are a guaranteed hit. Wrap each ticket in a glassine envelope with a penny for scratching, and seal it with a sticker of your wedding logo—this will also help you resist the urge to scratch them all yourself. (DIfficult, we know!)