DIY White Manicure

by Maria McNamara | 20 Comments

White Nails

White has a pretty vanilla reputation. Which isn’t surprising—we’re talking about the color of Persian kittens, fresh snow, and 2% milk. And yet! Bright white manis are popping up all over, and they’re strangely, awesomely edgy. No longer relegated to a supporting role in French manicures, white polish has officially come into its own. We dig it.

But like any pale opaque color, white can be tricky to apply. Use too much and you’ll have a gloppy mess on your hands; use too little and you’ll end up with visible streaks. We’re letting you in on the secret to success: Matte Top Coat…in the middle.

Here’s what you do:

1. Apply base coat. We know it’s tempting to skip this step, but base coat creates a smooth, even surface for polish application and helps your color last longer.

2. Follow with a thin layer of white polish. Don’t worry if it’s streaky; we’ll fix that in a minute.

3. Add a layer of Matte Top CoatThe matte layer acts as a primer, so your polish will distribute evenly without streaks.

4. Apply your next layer of white polishYou’re in the home stretch now.

5. Finish with Freedom Polymer Top Coat. Our fast-drying top coat smoothes over any imperfections and leaves your nails with a gorgeous, glossy shine. And you’re done! Great work.