Engagement Nails: Polish Shades to Pair With Your New Ring!

by Meghan Carlson | 2 Comments

Did you just get engaged, or expecting your soul mate to pop the question at any moment? Then you’ve got the perfect excuse to keep your manicure on point at all times! (As if you needed one.)

True, there are lots more important things to think about when you get engaged, but one of the most fun things is how to polish your nails to complement your new engagement ring. After all, as soon as it’s on your finger, you’ll want to start snapping pictures, and your friends and family will be asking to see your left hand and the magnificent statement of love that now resides upon it. So it’s only natural to want to pick a mani that’s picture-perfect.

And we’re here for you, with a variety of classic and modern nail color ideas that go gorgeously with diamonds and other sparkling jewels. (In fact, if you’re not engaged, these tips also work well for your next night out wearing your favorite cocktail ring.)

If the look you’re going for is…

Feminine: Soft Pink or Nude


Cat Deeley shows off her engagement ring with a nude, gold-studded manicure on Twitter.

Effortlessly chic and sleek, there’s no way to go wrong with ballet pink, powder pink, or a neutral shade. These hues won’t compete with your ring, and are almost universally flattering. A few of our all-time favorites are Jennifer (Classic with a Twist), a sheer soft pink crème, Alexandra (Boho Glam), a blonde crème, and Martha (Classic with a Twist), a polo pink crème. Try out a few shades to find the one that really speaks to you and complements your skin tone.

Try a little twist: Lavender. No less ladylike but a little more unexpected, lavender nails convey the same femininity and grace, with a youthful twist. Elisa (Boho Glam) has been a constant companion for lots of us here at Julep HQ since she arrived on the scene in March, and would look absolutely darling paired with a shiny new sparkler.

Romantic: Cherry Red


Love was all around when Lauren Conrad posted a photo on Instagram of her engagement ring with a high-gloss red manicure.

A classic is a classic for a reason—because it works. Calling to mind hearts, roses, and all things romantic, you can’t go wrong with a bright and glossy red manicure next to your new rock. Bold yet timeless, red looks gorgeous in photos and never goes out of style, so you know that, decades from now, you’ll still be able to look back at your Instagram feed and say, “Nailed it.” For a red that really pops, try Myriam (Classic with a Twist), a casino red crème that looks chic on dark and light skintones alike. For a slightly darker, richer red, our Mavens adore Sheila (Classic with a Twist), a cherry pie red crème.

Try a little twist: Fuchsia. As rich as red, with a distinctly feminine flair, a deep fuchsia is the perfect blend of girly and grown-up. Nellie (It Girl) would be a lovely complement to any engagement ring.

Joyful: White


Ashley Tisdale accents her white manicure with gold nail art and a dazzling diamond ring.

Crisp, clean, and classy, white never fails, no matter the season. We love the look of an opaque white crème, glossy or matte—next to a sparkling engagement ring, the contrast feels just right. Hope (It Girl) has a smooth satin finish that makes it feel airy and unique, while Brigitte (Classic with a Twist)’s bright white crème formula gives it universal appeal.

Try a little twist: Mint. Equally refreshing, with an added feel of youthfulness and fun, Shenae (It Girl)’s dreamy pastel hue and subtle shimmer would look particularly pretty next to a gold or rose gold setting.

Dramatic: Dark Purple


Jennifer Aniston shows off her gigantic engagement ring with a rich purple manicure.

If you only get one day to feel like a queen, the day you get engaged should be it. Sophisticated, feminine, and totally royal, a manicure in Gayle (Classic with a Twist), a deep aubergine crème, or Aisha (Boho Glam), a wildberry purple crème, will give your newly engaged hands an Old Hollywood feel.

Try a little twist: Dark indigo. Not quite black, not quite blue, and not quite purple, Octavia  (Classic with a Twist) puts a modern twist on dramatic nails, with a deep, glossy finish that will play beautifully off stones of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes down to it, a diamond ring from the one you love looks good with everything. But we hope these color suggestions help you have fun with your new, forever-favorite accessory.