An Intro to Eye Sheens (& Some Inspiration Too!)

by Maria McNamara | 1 Comment

Mavens, meet one of your new February products. It’s a fun one!

Playing around with our new Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadows reminded me of painting with watercolors when I was a kid. But whereas layering a bunch of watercolors would inevitably result in a dingy, greyish mess (or at least it always did for me), every combination of Eye Sheens resulted in a super-chic new eye look. Basically, it’s impossible not to feel like an artistic genius when you’re working with them, because every configuration looks like a masterpiece.

Here’s the full lineup, plus our awesome new Shader Brush, which will be available as an add-on in February Maven Boxes. If you’ve already picked a favorite, we’ve got even more good news…you’ll be able to customize your box with the shade of your choice!


These eyeshadows glide on easily and build nicely. I’d describe the texture as somewhere between a liquid and a gel…it’s almost bouncy to the touch. The colors are subtle but SUPER saturated—you don’t need much at all to cover your entire lid. The formula dries quickly, leaving behind a gorgeous, satiny finish. Just make sure you give it enough time to set before you apply additional layers or other eye makeup.

Now let’s put on our fancy artist berets and dive into one of many possible eye looks. Don’t forget to prep your lids with Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer—it’ll give you a nice neutral base to build from and help your eyeshadow last all day.

As you move from step to step, don’t forget to blend! While we recommend using the Shader Brush pictured above, you can certainly use your fingers too…just be gentle.


Other tips:

  • – If you’re planning to tightline with your Kajal Eye Glider, do it before you start applying your shadow.
  • – For extra eye enhancement, line your upper and/or lower lashlines with one of the Gel Eye Gliders from Eyes All Aglow. (Teal Eye Glider + Pale Nude Shimmer Eye Sheen? Yes please!)
  • – These colors are EXTREMELY complementary with Sweep Eyeshadow Palette. If you don’t feel like sporting a satin finish during the day, just dab on some Eye Sheen before you head to happy hour.
  • Are you excited for February? Which color is calling your name?